Stone-fruit Galore @ Rayner’s Orchards

Most of last year was used to explore the hidden gems of the Yarra Valley. One place worthy of another mention is Rayner’s Orchards in Woori Yallock. The first time we went, we went all out. We  joined the tractor tour, where for $25.00 per person, you could eat as much fruit as you possibly…

Beautiful Landscapes @ Alowyn Gardens & Nursery

Exams are over, university is done (for now), and the weather is getting warmer, so what does that mean? It’s roadtrip and travel season again. Last week’s roadtrippin’ took us along the picturesque Melba Highway, to the heart of the beautiful Yarra Valley yet again. We went to visit Alowyn Gardens & Nursery which is right next door to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.Check out my blog post about the chocolaterie here.

The first time I visited Alowyn Gardens, it was during the Winter of last year. Many of the gardens weren’t in bloom but I knew immediately that I had to visit again during the Spring to capture the landscape at its best.

Surprises @ Lillydale Lake

Three things about Lillydale Lake surprised me. First surprise was the beauty and peacefulness of the place. I didn’t expect it to be that pretty but it was. The lake was a crystal blue colour, the golden hour sun radiating its beams onto the lakes surface, reflecting the sky like a mirror. There were lots of hills, open grassy areas, a man made beach, a harbor, and numerous fishing areas. It was quite the little paradise.

The Enchanted Woods @ East Warburton Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest, as the name suggests, is a forest of towering Californian Redwood Trees. Following the clearing of the original eucalypt forest, the redwood trees were then planted in 1930-1960s for research purposes. To this date, the forest has now been listed as a Heritage site.

Hike in the Woods @ Donnelly Weir

These last few weeks have been crazy busy due to finishing up placement, handing in assignments and preparing for exam season. I have been hitting the books 24/7 for the last 3 weeks *bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean* My final exam is this Thursday and then I have a 3…

Lunch @ Innocent Bystander

For those of you who don’t know what Innocent Bystander is, it is a winemaker, with a reputation for delivering some of Yarra Valley’s most over-performing and versatile wines to high class restaurants and fine wine stores worldwide. Well, I simply went for the food. Simple as that. I am a photographer, foodie and blogger, so of course I had to make the visit to one of Yarra Valley’s most famous Cellar Doors for lunch.

Life Update 2# 15 Roadtrips in 3 months

“So how many roadtrips did you go on during the break?” my Mom asked me the other day as we were sitting in-front of the TV, flipping through magazines. “That’s a good question,” I replied. So I did some thinking, and went through my diary entries (yes I am one of those rare people who enjoys writing diary entries) and it seems I went on 15 roadtrips during my 3 month summer break! I am amazed, impressed and a bit surprised too! It makes sense because 3 months is equal to 13 weeks, meaning I went on one trip per week, with two during the final week, totaling to a whooping 15 trips!

Flowers & Alpacas @ The Big Bouquet

Located in the beautiful Yarra Valley and just 5 min away from the town of Heasville is a small farm that has plenty to offer. The Big Bouquet, located on 27 Barak Lane is your one-stop-shop for all things colorful and pretty. More specifically, it is the place to go if you want freshly cut…

Fine Dining @ Rochford Winery

Over the weekend, we took a drive to the Yarra Valley (yet again!) This time around, we went to Rochford Winery because my mom had been eyeing that place for a while now. Like most days in February, it was hot sunny day, with summer vibes strong. I cannot believe in seven days, it will be…

The hills are alive@ Yarra Glen

a place Ever since university holidays started, I have been on more road-trips than I can count.  I would love to do some longer trips though. In particular, I’ve been eyeing the Victorian High Country and the Great Alpine Road for a while now. In the meanwhile, I am happy with my smaller trips around…

Strawberry Heaven @ Gateway Estate

With the sun shining bright and the summer vibes strong, off we went to Gateway Estate in Coldstream for U-Pick Strawberries. Compared to other Strawberry Farms located in the Yarra Valley such as Blue Hill and Jay Berries, Gateway Estate is much smaller in size but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find any large and…

Fruit Picking @Rayner’s Orchards Yarra Valley

Over the weekend, I went with family to Woori Yallock, just 60km east of the CBD. What’s good to do there? I would definitely recommend visiting Rayner’s Orchards. The orchard grows over 350 varieties of fruit including stone fruits, guava, kiwis, pomegranates, figs and persimmons etc… The orchard is open all year around, but during…