Running Creek Castle @ Kancoona

We had a fantastic 3 nights at Running Creek Castle. I loved the yummy and generous breakfast basket we were given, the beautiful surroundings, the tidiness and cleanliness of the castle, and of course, how extremely kind and responsive the owner’s were to our needs.


Beautiful Bright @ Huggins & Apex Lookout

We visited Bright over the Easter Weekend. At the time, there was also a farmer’s market happening. As a result, people were EVERYWHERE, and streets were packed with cars. Getting that perfect autumn street shot of Delany Avenue in Bright was near to impossible. I was a bit let down by that, but my spirits quickly lifted after hiking up to Huggins Lookout and Apex Lookout and seeing Bright from above.

Valley of 1000 Hills @Murchison Gap Lookout

Last Wednesday, it was a sunny and beautiful 25 degrees. Making the most of this very good (and rare) weather, I headed towards Strath Creek in the north-eastern regions of Victoria.  It was a leisurely country drive for the most part. From where I live in the Eastern suburbs, the most direct route to Strath…