Japanese Baked Cream Cheese Cake

In previous posts I said I was moving away from sweet foods, to acquiring more of a savory palate. That still holds true, however, one dessert still holds a strong position in my heart. That would be the Japanese Baked Cream Cheese Cake. For those who haven’t tried it, the texture of it is somewhere between a sponge-cake and a baked cheesecake. Why I say half way is because the Japanese Cheesecake isn’t as dry as a regular sponge cake, nor is it as creamy and dense as a baked cheesecake. If done properly, the texture should be fluffy and light.

Over the years, I have bought my Japanese Baked Cream Cheese Cakes from Grand Taipei and Carrington Cake Shop, both in Box Hill. Only until recently have I attempted to home-make one, after being inspired by HoneyBeeSweets and her mouth-watering food photos on Instagram and on her Blog.

Figs on Toast

I’m the type of person that never skips meals, especially breakfast. I like to keep my meals simple but nutritious. With placement requiring early morning wakes, I have been indulging on Figs on Toast on most days. It’s quick and easy to make, but more importantly, it’s pack with a heck load of nutrients to…

Tipsy Trifle Cake

Welcoming the New Year with a baking session! I was reading my mom’s New Idea Magazine and I saw the best recipe ever: Tipsy Trifle Cake. Yes, I am a fan of custard, yes I am a fan of cake, and yes I am a fan of jelly and summer berries. What’s not more perfect…