The Mangrove Tree @ Tenby Point

When I arrived at Tenby Point, I did not expect to see so many photographers around. I smiled to myself because it felt rather nice being surrounded by so many like-minded people. At the same time, I felt pretty overwhelmed because everyone looked so professional with their fancy lenses and filters. Then there was me, with my very basic tripod, basic DSLR, basic lens, and basic filter. Nevertheless, I ended up chatting to two photographers. We never exchanged details or anything, but a few days later, after I had posted my mangrove tree photos on Instagram, I received comments from both of them saying “oh hey, you were the photographer we met the other day.” I love the photography community on Instagram haha ❤


Toorongo Falls @ Noojee

Forever chasing waterfalls, forever chasing impossible dreams. A New Year resolution I set for myself this year is to expand my roadtrips to cover more ground,  in particular, explore more of the Gippsland and Victorian High Country areas. Given that I have covered most of the Yarra Valley, now would be a good time to…