The Mangrove Tree @ Tenby Point

The pretty mangrove tree at Tenby Point.

I joined Instagram in 2012 but I was never really “into it” until a few years down the track. Nowadays, Instagram is my daily go to for food and landscape updates. I have found so many lovely local photographers to follow, and have received so much positive feedback! It’s been lots of fun. Perhaps the biggest thing I have gained from using Instagram is finding out a hell load of beautiful places to visit and take photos of. So after that very long-winded introduction, it is thanks to Instagram and all the awesome photographer’s that I follow that I found out about the Mangrove tree at Tenby Point.

Tenby Point is locate along the Western Port Bay, and is about 2 hours drive from Melbourne. If you are a keen photographer, the hours in the car don’t count if you know you are going to have an awesome time taking photos.

The first time I visited Tenby Point, I completely forgot to check the tide times. When I got there, it was low tide, so the mangrove tree was sitting on the dry dirt ground. IMG_5865The second time I visted Tenby Point, I made sure to check it was high tide before visiting. I also made sure it was sunset because I wanted to capture the lovely reds, blues and purples in the sky. I visited in the summer, so sunset was not until 7:45pm. This was my first time shooting in such a remote area, so I was a little nervous, since it was fast getting dark. Well, my nerves were pushed aside very quickly because there were SOO many photographers around. I smiled to myself because it felt rather nice being surrounded by so many like-minded people. At the same time, I felt a little overwhelmed because everyone looked so professional with their fancy lenses and filters. Then there was me, with my very basic tripod, basic DSLR, basic lens, and basic filter. Nevertheless, I ended up chatting to two photographers. We never exchanged details or anything, but a few days later, after I had posted my mangrove tree photos on Instagram, I received comments from both of them saying “oh hey, you were the photographer we met the other day.” I love the photography community on Instagram haha ❤IMG_6849aIMG_6854aIMG_6859aIMG_6862aAlthough I have visited Tenby Point twice, I am itching to visit a third time.  I never got around to getting a decent photo of the old pier that is nearby to the mangrove tree becaude the sun was already set, and it was getting dark really quickly. When uni work and placement is done, Tenby Point, I am coming back for you 😀IMG_6869aIMG_6868a


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  1. Wow these images are absolutely stunning! Thank god you went back.. the images you got are just breath taking!


    1. flabnbone says:

      thanks so much ❤ Hopefully the third visit will bring even more better photos haha

      Liked by 1 person

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