Beautiful Bright @ Huggins & Apex Lookout

IMG_9158aIMG_9118aJust over a month ago, I visited the Victorian High Country for the second time. I was going to write the “first” time, but I remembered I visited High Country  when I was in high school,  a time when I was not a photographer. This time around, when I revisited High Country, I was in photography mode the entire way.

We stayed at a beautiful medieval style castle called Running Creek Castle in Kancoona. There was no reception there, so it was great being able to disconnect with the internet and fully embrace nature. The castle and the surrounding gardens were absolutely beautiful, so stay tuned for the blog post and photos.

Some of the places we visited over the four days included Mt Buffalo (Eurobin Falls, The Horn), Mt Hotham, Mt Beauty, Fainter Falls, Tawonga Gap, Sullivan’s Lookout, and of course, Bright just to name a few!

We visited Bright over the Easter Weekend. At the time, there was also a farmer’s market happening. As a result,  people were EVERYWHERE, and streets were packed with cars. Getting that perfect autumn street shot of Delany Avenue in Bright was near to impossible. I was a bit let down by that, but my spirits quickly lifted after hiking up to Huggins Lookout and Apex Lookout and seeing Bright from above.

Huggins Lookout WalkIMG_9022IMG_9033aIMG_9052aIMG_9055aIMG_9099a

Huggins Lookout Walk is roughly 1.6km return which is a fairly short and very manageable walk to do within one hour. The walk begins in the most unlikely of places. I remembered driving up a steep road (Deacon Avenue) and suddenly the GPS told us we had arrived at our destination. I looked out the window and all I could see were residential houses and a large open grass field. Were we even in the right place? We walked pass some trees and there was the gravel hiking track, phew!

At the top, we were rewarded by a very enchanting and beautiful view of Bright. To our surprises, there was a main road just behind the lookout, so apparently we could have driven up instead.  My plans for my next visit would be to drive up to Huggins Lookout at sunset and take photos when the sky is an explosion of reds, blues and purples. I will also stay until the final light has faded and attempt a nightscape. Exciting days ahead 😀

Apex Lookout WalkIMG_9068

Parking is on Quins Gap Road (left), and the actual hike begins on the right. The middle road is a gravel road that leads to Kancoona . My GPS told me to use that road to drive to our accommodation but I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND driving 20km on narrow gravel roads.Not fun at all. Whenever possible, stick to main roads.
Here are some photos of Apex Lookout taken using various focal lengths (ie. zoom lengths). Here is one taken at 18mm. The photos below zoom closer and closer inwards.
Apex Lookout at 28mm.
Apex Lookout at 44mm.
Apex Lookout at 100mm.
Apex Lookout at 100mm.

After doing Huggins Lookout, we still had energy left so we drove 15 min to Quins Gap Road to do the Apex Lookout Hikr. Although it was 3km return and double the length of the Huggins lookout hike, it didn’t feel that much longer.

When we made it to the top, the lookout point looked very far away to the normal human eye. Luckily, I had my 100mm lens with me, which meant I could take photos and make everything seem much more closer than what it actually is 😀

 I cannot wait to return to Bright and the surrounding towns next Autumn. There are so many places I want to visit (and revisit). To many more exciting roadtrips and photo snapping days up ahead 😀

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