Princes Pier Long Exposure

IMG_6594aIMG_6606IMG_6593aThis year has been huge in terms of photography. I bought myself 2 new lenses, some ND filters, and a tripod. With all this new equipment, it has opened up so many doors for new genres of photography. I am finding myself addicted to doing long-exposures. It is so much fun because you have no idea how the photo will turn out. You can get some pretty dramatic effects with long-exposure, especially if you are photographing water, clouds, and taillights of moving cards.

Earlier this month, I headed down to Port Melbourne to shoot the famous Princes Pier. The pier is a perfect place to shoot daytime long-exposures. I have already set out another date to return to the pier to shoot at sunset when the sun is low across the horizon and the sky is a magnificent purple-red colour.

The two photos below are exactly the same, except that the top one was taken without a ND filter (so no long exposure), whereas the bottom photo was taken with an ND filter (hence, allowing me to do a 15 second exposure). Look how different the results are? I am so for the smooth water looking effect.



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