Best Nourish Bowl @ The Little Woodpecker Cafe

20161208_125219aimg_7433a20161208_125305a20161208_125049aContinuing my cafe hunting around in the eastern ‘burbs, I recently came across The Little Woodpecker Cafe in Blackburn North. The cafe, although hidden away in a quiet suburban street, is always busy every time I have visited.

One thing that stood out about this cafe was the creative name of their dishes. If someone told me they were eating “Captain Planet” and drinking “Ninja Turtles”, I would be like “huh?” what’s that!?

As for the interior of the cafe, it is fairly small and the design is simple, with clean white walls and wooden tables. I like it. Simplicity is key nowadays.

Usually when I got out to cafes, I like to find the one dish that I would eat over and over again. Mind you, that doesn’t always happen. Luckily for me, the first time I visited The Little Woodpecker the dish that I  ordered was the one I fell in love with right away. It was “The Gangsta’s Paradise”. It is an absolute nutrition gemstone. It has brown rice served with broccolini, peas, corn, avocado, slaw, kale and hummus. You can add chicken or a poached egg for extra. I added chicken to mine. Just hearing all those veggies was enough to make me go, “yes this dish is a winner”. I was super excited when it came out. It was a very big serving, the colours were fresh and vibrant, and I ate it with no guilt at all. img_7470aimg_7449aOther dishes that we ordered weren’t as great. “The Chicky Babes” dish was a chicken burger with slaw and pickles on a brioche bun served with french fries. It sounds good but the bun came out a bit on the burnt side. The chicken was also a bit over done.img_7458a The other dish was “The Way of the Dragon” which was an omelette with feta, tomato and asparagus on toast. The omelette was dry and oily (expected it to be light and fluffy).20161208_125232aAs for drinks, I ordered the Strawberry Shortcake which is a blend of ice cubes with mint, strawberry and watermelon. Loved it. Such a perfect combination of ingredients. Perfect for a hot summer’s day. A very refreshing drink. img_7444aOverall, the Gangsta’s Paradise Buddha Bowl and the Strawberry Shortcake drink get a very big tick from me. I would return to the The Little Woodpecker Cafe to try out some of their other dishes too. Who knows, I might find another “love at first sight” dish just as I did with the Gangsta’s Paradise bowl. However, I would be giving a miss to the chicken burger and omelette dish for the the meanwhile. img_7448a

Visit The Little Woodpecker Cafe at: facebook  instagram


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