Stone-fruit Galore @ Rayner’s Orchards

Photo | Visit Rayner’s Orchards here

Most of last year was used to explore the hidden gems of the Yarra Valley. One place worthy of another mention is Rayner’s Orchards in Woori Yallock.

The first time we went, we went all out. We  joined the tractor tour, where for $25.00 per person, you could eat as much fruit as you possibly could. Eating at the on-site Peach Cafe and then doing the all-you-can eat fruit tour probably wasn’t the best idea. I felt absolutely food comatosed afterwards. Aside from eating and more eating, a major highlight of the tractor tour (if you visit in Summer) is being able to see the giant sunflower garden. To find out more about the tour and the food at Peach Cafe, you can read my old blog post here. IMG_8451IMG_8405IMG_8602IMG_8574This year, we were more sane and decided just to buy the prepackaged stone fruits. There wasn’t any point paying $25.00 per person given we had already done the tour last year. The prepackaged stone-fruits were very juicy and sweet, though there were a few overly ripe ones inside. img_2704img_2698Of course, we also had to return to Peach Cafe for their home-made peach ice cream, peach pie, and scones : Dimg_2539img_2535img_2710img_2684img_2725I must make a mental note to myself to visit Rayner’s Orchard during the spring time because that’s when their peach blossoms are in bloom, turning the entire orchard into a beautiful pink colour.

To find out more about Rayner’s Orchard, you can read my old blog post here.

Visit Rayner’s Orchard at: facebook


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