Middle Eastern Flavors @ Oasis Bakery

Photo | Visit Oasis Bakery here

Hot deserts, colorful robes, grand temples, festive music, beautiful oil lamps, Persian dips, tasty cheeses, exotic spices… for all things Middle Eastern, Oasis Bakery is your place to be. Oasis Bakery is your one stop shop for grocery items, a bakery selling fresh pastries and cheeses, and a cafe serving Middle Eastern flavored dishes.

I have visited Oasis Bakery about five times now and every time, the crowds have been huge, especially at the cafe.

Photo | The cafe at Oasis Bakery.

The cafe offers a breakfast menu where you can get your traditional brunch style meals with a Middle Eastern twist to it. If brunch food isn’t really your thing, Oasis Bakery also has a lunch menu selling their famous kebabs, burgers, pizzas and wraps. Unlike most cafes where the waiter takes your order at the table, it is more like a food court style where you order at the counter and they give you a buzzer telling you to collect the food when it buzzes.

Breakfast & Brunch Menu

Archies Avocado


During my most recent visit to Oasis Bakery, we ordered the Archies avocado (top) and Baked Eggs (bottom). The side plating of the Archies Avocado dish looked very beautiful but in terms of whether it was a filling dish, it definitely wasn’t. You get avocado, spinach, kale, quinoa, beetroot noodles, feta and a poached egg. Paying $15.00 for a plate of vegetables and one egg was rather expensive given the baked eggs dish was also the same price and probably twice as filing.

Baked Eggs


I really liked the Baked eggs. It was very filling and all the ingredients worked well together. There was tomato, beans, chickpeas, spinach, pesto, and feta served with three slices of Turkish bread. For an extra $5.00, I decided to add Moroccan minced lamb to the Baked Eggs dish. I don’t think I will be adding the minced lamb to the dish next time because the lamb tasted rubbery and overcooked.


Blueberry Hotcakes

img_20160605_130915On another visit, we ordered the Blueberry Hotcakes (top) and smoked salmon polenta dish (bottom). The Blueberry Hotcakes were very light and fluffy. I really liked the combination of hotcakes with caramelized banana and maple syrup. What I wasn’t a fan of was the berry labneh because I found it to be very sour and it tasted out of place with the creamy flavors. The pink marshmallow on top of the hotcakes was a rose flavored meringue. My friend really liked that.

Smoked Salmon Polenta

Photo | Salmon with polenta, avo, beetroot, feta, cucumber and candied walnut.

The other dish we ordered was a smoked salmon, polenta dish. It wasn’t on the menu the last time I went (Feb 2017). It’s a shame because I was really fond of the dish. The avocado was fresh and I liked the tang from the beetroot, giving the dish a touch of freshness. Oh and the candied walnut was also very nice!!


Brioche Doughnut

img_2321img_2302img_2301And there’s more. During another visit to Oasis Bakery, we ordered this rather fancy looking Brioche Doughnut dish. It had a honey comb semi freddo center, chocolate wafer on top, berry glaze, and a chocolate crumb.The doughnut on its own was a bit dry, but when you mix it with the semi freddo, the dryness becomes barely noticeable.

Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

We also had the scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms. The oily taste from the mushrooms filled me up pretty quickly.img_2300

Lebanese Breakfast Board

And pictured here is the Lebanese Breakfast Board (bottom). It looks very generous.


Lunch Menu

For those who do not like brunch, Oasis Bakery has a very good and very plentiful lunch menu too. As mentioned earlier, you can get wraps, burgers and pizzas of a variety of flavors. img_3074img_3072img_2282img_3061


Now, moving on to the bakery. There were so many cakes, slices and pastries in the cabinets, it looked very appealing. To me, that’s what bakeries should be about: variety and generosity. 20160605_12563320160605_12564020160605_125715

I bought the chocolate brownie, the cookie sandwich and the caramel slice. As any photographer should, I did a mini photo-shoot of the items at home before eating it :p


Grocery Store

And finally, here are some photos of the grocery store at Oasis Bakery. There were aisle upon aisle  of staples needed for any household.


Visit Oasis Bakery at: facebook instagram


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