Erskine Falls @ Great Ocean Road Lorne


Photo | Welcome to Erskine Falls – one of the tallest waterfalls in the Great Ocean Road region. You can view the waterfall from a upper platform or if you descend some steps, you can go to the base of the waterfall (ie. the lower platform).

A trip to Lorne would not be complete without visiting Erskine Falls. Unlike other waterfalls in the vicinity, Erskine Falls seems to be the most renowned and most popular in the Lorne area.

We arrived at Erskine Falls closing in to 4pm and yet there were still  so many people around. I had to wait ages before I could get a photo of the waterfall empty of people. It was a complete different story told when we visited Sheoak Falls. There were far less people, making it much more easier to take photos. In terms of beauty, I would say both waterfalls were just as beautiful though Erskine Falls would definitely be better suited for those after more of an adventure. You will find out why if you keep reading.

When we arrived at the Erskine Falls car-park, I immediately thought of 1000 Steps in the Dandenong Ranges. The layout was very similar. There were so many people that cars had to be parked along the steep road side, just like at 1000 steps.

Photo | Cars were parked up along the road due to the popularity of the area and the limited number of actual parking spots.

The walk to Erskine Falls took far less time than Sheoak Falls but required much more effort because of the 240 steps (another similarity to 1000 Steps ha!) I hate going down stairs because I always have this feeling that I am going to fall.

For those who don’t want to walk down the stairs, Erskine Falls can still be viewed from a upper platform though the views aren’t as spectacular than if you were at the base.

The Upper Platform

Photo | The view of Erskine Falls from the Upper Platform.
Photo | Following the steps lead you to the Lower Platform where you can get much better views of the waterfall.

The Lower Platform

Following the steps down to the lower platform, we saw a crowd of people flocked on the platform taking photos. Erskine Falls was much taller than what I had in mind. I read on google that the plunge was 30 meters but that meant nothing to me until I actually saw it with my own eyes. It was beautiful.


Photo | Erskine Falls is a 30 meter plunge into the Erskine River.

Stepping Stone Adventures

For those after more of an adventure, you can follow the path behind the lower platform onto the stepping stones. Follow the rocks and you can get up close and personal with the waterfall. It was fun despite holding a tripod, a bag, and a camera.  There were a few times I felt myself slip on the rocks, but thankfully I didn’t fall into the river. img_2256img_2274

Photo | You don’t actually need to climb over the lower platform to access the stepping stones. You can access it from the path that is left of the platform.
Photo | Jumping form stepping stone to stepping stone in order to get very close to the waterfall.
Photo | Capturing the Erskine River using my trusty tripod
Photo | It took forever waiting for people to leave. The moment one group left, another group would come flocking in haha.
Photo | After a very long wait waiting for the scene to clear, this is the final result.
Photo | And now for the strenuous hike back up to the car park.

Other things to do when in Lorne:

  1. For a scenic view of the ocean and the very unique looking St George River, a visit to  Teddy’s Lookout is a must.
  2. Sheoak Falls is just as beautiful as Erskine Falls with far less people, though smaller in size and height. The hike to Sheoak Falls, although longer than Erskine, is far more leisurely and scenic.

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