Teddy’s Lookout @ Great Ocean Road

img_1954Welcome to the long awaited summer holidays. I am done with all my coursework. That means no more lectures, no more studying for exams, no more assignments, no more going to university. All that is left are two placements. Given how slow things are moving, I doubt the university will find me a placement any time soon. I guess I will use this time to finally relax, rejuvenate, roadtrip, eat well, and go to the gym. With that mind-frame in place, last week I decided to go on a very spontaneous trip down to Lorne to chase waterfalls and visit Teddy’s Lookout. Unlike some lookouts that I have been to which have been terribly hard to locate (eg. Murchison Gap Lookout), Teddy’s Lookout was very easy to find. By car, it took about 5 min from Lorne. Following George Street to the end led us to a small car park and not far from that was the lookout point.

Teddy’s Lookout has a upper platform and lower platform. There was also a walking track but given that we were falling behind schedule, we didn’t get a chance to walk the loop. The upper platform was stunning, giving panoramic views of the ocean and a small section of the Great Ocean Road to the right. I recently purchased a wide angle lens (the canon 10-18mm). Of course I was excited to put the wide angle lens to good use, capturing the beautiful seascape below.

The view from the Upper Platformimg_1955img_1967img_1970

The Lower Platform

The get to the lower platform you have to follow the gravel path down to find it. The lower platform is less focused on the ocean. Instead, it gives a fuller view of the Great Ocean Road, the surrounding mountains, and the opening of the Saint George River. The river is interesting because the water looks black like charcoal. This is in juxtaposition to the sparkling blue ocean water on the left.

Photo | Following the gravel path down to the lower platform which is more hidden away.
Photo | The darkness of the St George river on the right is in stark contrast to the sparkling blue ocean water on the left.

img_2000img_1990I found out about Teddy’s Lookout from seeing posts on Instagram. The posts that caught my attention were the ones that were taken at night. Ideally, I would have liked to have done my own take of the nightscape but unfortunately it was impractical for us to wait that long. Plus, we still had to go waterfall chasing around Lorne.

What that means is I will definitely return to this lookout in the future. Do a overnight trip maybe? See here and here for examples of Teddy’s Lookout at night. I have never really tried long exposure photography before but I would definitely like to because I really want to capture the magical trail of taillights. The glow from the taillights and the sea of sparking stars smudged across the velvet night sky would make the entire landscape look mysterious, magical, ethereal even.


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