Oliver’s Hill Lookout @ Frankston

img_4535aimg_4514aimg_4533aimg_4519aimg_4525aimg_4515aWith summer just around the corner, it’s time to visit the coastal regions of the Mornington Peninsula. One spot of interest for photographers, travelers, and landscape admirers alike is Oliver’s Hill Lookout located along the Nepean Highway.

For the most part, Nepean Highway is fairly flat. It raises substantially just on the outskirts of Frankston,making it a perfect place for a lookout point. Back in the 19th century, James Oliver, a local fisherman of Frankston, built his home on the highest point of the elevation. The lookout point has been named after him since.

From the heightened elevation,  Oliver’s Hill lookout gives a spectacular view of Port Phillip Bay, as well as the city of Frankston. With its beautiful sea views, no wonder there were so many people stopping and taking photos. The location of the lookout also makes it a very convenient place to stop by too, attracting traffic from both directions. You get people coming through Frankston, on their way to other seaside locations such as the City of Mornington, Dromana or even Sorrento and Portsea further down, and those on their way back home towards Melbourne. img_2183img_2158img_2154img_2144img_2139img_2134img_2132

Check out more things to do in the Mornington Peninsula Region:

  1. Arthur’s Seat Lookout -> if you thought Oliver’s Hill Lookout was enough to blow your breath away, believe me, the numerous lookout points dotted along Arthur’s Seat road will be even more amazing. Arthur’s Seat is actually the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula region, so having beautiful lookout points makes perfect sense. IMG_4375a
  2. Sorrento to Queenscliff Ferry Service -> If you are up for a double adventure, you can visit the Mornington Peninsula and the Bellarine Region all in one day. That’s what I did at least (though it would have been way better if we had spent a couple of days there because there was so much to see yet so little time). IMG_0642
  3. Visit the City of Mornington – If you are after a cruisy drive and a nice lunch by the ocean, then I recommend  a visit to the City of Mornington. Untitled-1

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