Beautiful Landscapes @ Alowyn Gardens & Nursery


Photo | Driving along the beautiful Melba Highway to Alowyn Gardens
Photo | Alowyn Gardens is right next door to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery.

Exams are over, university is done (for now), and the weather is getting warmer, so what does that mean? It’s roadtrip and travel season again. Last week’s roadtrippin’ took us along the picturesque Melba Highway, to the heart of the beautiful Yarra Valley yet again. We went to visit  Alowyn Gardens & Nursery which is right next door to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.Check out my blog post about the chocolaterie here.

The first time I visited Alowyn Gardens, it was during the Winter of last year. Many of the gardens weren’t in bloom but I knew immediately that I had to visit again during the Spring to capture the landscape at its best.

On my first visit, the Wisteria archway was nothing but bare branches. This time around, it was dangling with purple and green  flowers. It was beautiful. There were so many people taking photos, it took forever before I was able to take a photo of the Wisteria archway empty of people. There was also a wedding going on too.

Photo | The Wisteria Archway during Winter
Photo | The Wisteria in bloom during late Spring.

img_6413img_6403img_6414To the left of the archway was a forest of  birch trees.They were simply enchanting. It was like stepping into a magical forest, with small flowers near your toes, and a twisty forest path up ahead of you. The enchanted forest path took us to a stone table surrounded by a circle of tall imposing poles. Seeing this, the magical, enchanting forest suddenly felt eerily  darker. If this was a fantasy story, I bet you the stone table would have been the place where the tribes would meet at midnight to perform dark rituals under the full moon. Not far from the stone table was a wooden hut complete with old rustic furniture.img_3454img_3566img_6602Another garden worthy of mentioning was the French Garden.The long water rill looked very elegant. When we went the tulips had already finished blooming, but just try and imagine a row of colorful tulips to either side of the water rill.

To the right of the rill was a magnificent field of colorful poppies. The poppies weren’t there during the winter so of course I was really excited to see this and spammed away with my camera. I hear that during the summer, there is also a field of sunflowers and amaranth in the French Garden too. How pretty!!img_3519img_6554img_6589img_6550img_3509img_6476img_6471img_6451img_6450

Photo | So happy I decided to bring my macro lens with me, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to capture this busy bee at work.

Another garden that caught my fancy was the Parterre Garden.  As they say, you should aim to learn one new vocab a day and the word I learned today was Parterre which means a formal garden of symmetrical patterns, connected and separated by gravel. img_3495The entire garden walk takes about 45min to an hour but if you are someone like me, who is constantly taking pictures of everything, it will definitely take much longer. Aside from appreciating the beautiful landscapes, Alowyn Gardens also has an onsite cafe and nursery for people to relax and shop around.

The cafe was very vintage and rustic. I liked the hanging garden of gourds and flowers hanging in glass bottles. Above all, I loved the wooden shelves the most because they were filled with quirky items like owl sculptures, more gourds, glass bottles, old oil lamps, and other miscellaneous items.img_6389img_6388img_6641img_6626img_6621img_6618img_3436



Photo | A sunny Spring day at Alowyn Gardens. The nursery is up ahead and the cafe is to the right.

Before leaving the gardens (and heading over to the Chocolaterie for some late afternoon tea), I had to take photos of the beautiful line of trees and roses located near the entrance of the gardens. I loved how the late afternoon sun was coming down through the trees, giving off a faint warmish glow. This was complemented by the gravel dust flying into the air as a car was driving down. The glow from the sun and the dusty looking effect from the gravel was a nice addition to my photo.

Photo | The line of trees and roses during the winter. Compare this to the same place but during the spring time below.

img_6688img_6681img_6674img_6673Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through Alowyn Gardens. I liked their beautiful gardens, especially the Wisteria archway and the field of poppies. I also really liked their vintage style cafe that was decorated with hanging gourds and quirky rustic items.

Visit Alowyn Gardens at: facebook instagram


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