Canola Field Hunting @ Melbourne

img_6076bimg_6082aimg_6081aimg_5969aLast years this time, I found out about the Canola Fields out in the regional / rural parts of Melbourne. Being the budding photography and keen road-tripper than I am, of course I had to go and make my mark on those fields of gold. Read the original blog post here.

A year has gone by and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Here I am, back at the canola fields for yet another photoshoot (because apparently visiting once wasn’t enough :p ). Like last year, I went to the Canola Fields located at Point Wilson, thinking, all I need to do is open the gate, drive in, and ta-dah, we will be surrounded by canola. That thought went clearly out the door because the gate at Point Wilson had four locks on it, clearly to prevent “invaders” like myself from entering.

We continued down Point Wilson Road until we came to an intersection where if we continued ahead, we would be entering into private property. The other option was to turn left onto Beach Road.  I know that if we turned right, we would go pass Avalon Apart and  eventually, make it to Geelong, so we decided to turn left since that was unexplored land. What a surprise it was, because it led us to the coastline of Lake Borrie.

Photo | Turning left down Beach Ride – such a beautiful scenic drive.

Finding Lake Borrie was a pretty nice surprise but at the same time, I was a little let down that all the canola fields we drove by had locked gates and barbed wire fences meaning we could only admire from a distance. I was actually really glad that I managed to visit last year, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to travel inside and stand amongst the yellow canola and do what I wanted to do. img_5999a


Photo | Admiring the view at Lake Borrie

After taking some photos of Lake Borrie, we did a U-turn back down Point Wilson Road onto the M1 Freeway when a little candle inside me lit up! Along Oxford Street (just off the M1 Freeway Melbourne Bound), I saw yet another large field of Canola and the gate was opened! So we quickly pulled over and ran inside to take photos. I guess as the old saying goes, the best is always saved for last.

Last year, the aim was to have a photoshoot of my ride (the ford focus) amongst the yellow canola. The aim of this year was to take photos of the Canola Fields featuring my rainbow umbrella (and my friend’s car, the Mini Cooper S). img_6061aimg_6027aimg_6049aimg_6004aimg_6013aimg_6076aOverall, the canola fields along Oxford Street saved the day (and the fact that we discovered Lake Borrie – a very quiet, scenic little place).

Check out last year’s photoshoot of the Canola Fields here.


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