Life Update 3# Another Year Older Another Year Wiser (maybe)

University has officially started and so has placement. What’s up ahead for me is a busy 9 weeks of study, work, study, work. You know, taking time to write these blog entries as well as to edit the photos to accompany the text takes on average > 2hrs. Hopefully with this busy time coming ahead of me, I can still find time to say goodbye to my clinical mindset that University and placement have so deeply ingrained in me and enter a more creative world to channel my thoughts and feelings.

Since my first blog post to now, I have mainly posted about my roadtrip destinations and nice cafes I have eaten at. Today’s post is going to be a little different as it will be an entry just to talk about life, and showcasing some photos taken from 2016 thus far.

Photo | Taken at Maroondah Reservoir. Read the blog review here.
Photo | The oh so beautiful Cardinia Reservoir. Read the blog here.
Photo | Taken earlier this year when I went road-tripping and caught the ferry across to Queenscliff. Blog review here.

As the title of this blog suggests, it was my birthday last Thursday. Like every year, I turned 22 years old (no older and no younger than what I am every year!) 22 was a good year, and no, it’s not because of Taylor Swift’s song “…oh im feeling 22”. It’s because 22 was a transitional time between being lost and not knowing what to do after graduation, to finding the guiding road that more or less is leading me towards a pretty rewarding career. 22 was also the year that opened me up to the world. Getting a car is a pretty big milestone and because of that, it has taken me to so many beautiful places that I never thought existed. Due to that, a small thought process began to form where I wanted to document all my roadtrips and photos into a nice tidy blog (though that didn’t happen until a year later when I was more certain about it). So yeah, 22 was a good year of growth,  discovery, shutting some doors and opening other ones up.

This year, when I turned 22 again  (lol), unfortunately I was in class all day from 12pm to the ungodly hour of 6.30pm. As soon as the lecture ended, I met with my parents and we went for a nice dinner by the habour. Many people say that if you tell your birthday wishes to someone else, they won’t come true but technically I am writing it out so I guess that is an exception to the rule.

Photo | Beautiful flowers from The Big Bouquet.
Photo | Taken at my favorite place in the world? You should know this by now if you have read this blog long enough. Find out the answer here.
Photo | February and its sunshine hot weather seemed so long ago. Taken at Gateway Estate.

So here it goes.

Birthday wish 1

To be happy and healthy, and for all those close to me to be happy and healthy.

Birthday wish 2

To find a job post graduation whether that be working in acute doing swallowing management, or on the other end of the scale, in a primary school working on literacy.

Birthday wish 3

To continue with photography, writing this blog and working on my fantasy manuscript of 9 years and go to new heights with these three creative outlets.

Photo | Lillydale lake looking rather good in this rare sunny winter weather.
Photo | And a photo to end today’s blog with is a beautiful autumn tree taken at Maroondah Reservoir because I feel like 2016 has been a very good year for autumn photography :p

Overall, 2016 has been a pretty good year so far, and I can’t wait to see how the remaining half will play out.

Much Love.


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