Surprises @ Lillydale Lake

IMG_5167aIMG_5149aIMG_20160809_121302IMG_20160809_121147IMG_20160809_121027IMG_5240aIMG_5217aLast weekend I visited Lillydale Lake for the first time. As the name suggests, Lillydale lake is located in the town of Lillydale, about 45min from the CBD. Lillydale lake is a man-made lake, surrounded by wetlands and numerous walking tracks. I did the main track that loops around the lake.

Three things about Lillydale Lake surprised me.  First surprise was the beauty and peacefulness of the place. I didn’t expect it to be that pretty but it was. The lake was a crystal blue colour, the golden hour sun radiating its beams onto the lakes surface, reflecting the sky like a mirror. There were lots of hills, open grassy areas, a man made beach, a harbor, and numerous fishing areas. It was quite the little paradise.IMG_5186aIMG_5276aIMG_5265aIMG_5233aIMG_5229aThe second surprise was the size of the lake. It was bigger than I what I had in mind. The lake is 28 hectares, and sits within a 100 hectare land. That is huge! A mere photo could not capture the size of the beautiful landscape, so I had to do a panorama of the lake by joining three photos together.

Photo | My attempt at a panorama shot.

The third surprise was the amount of people there that day. Then again, that could have been attributed to the recent Pokemon craze. I would not have  visited the lake had it not been home to a nest of Dratinis and Eevees. In the end, I am glad I visited. It’s not because I managed to catch a hell lot of Eevees and evolve one into a Jolteon, but because the place is truly beautiful. It is a great place for walks, for exercise, to clear your mind even. Due to the huge traffic of people, three food trunks found a heaven for business at the lake. There were baked potatoes, ice cream and a coffee/drinks truck. IMG_5206aIMG_5189aIMG_5175a

Photo | Wildlife inhabit the lake – now where’s my pokeball?


  1. Great place for leisurely walks, or if you are more keen, for jogs too.
  2. Beautiful scenery: open grassy areas, a large lake, a playground, picnic areas, and food trucks on the weekend.
  3. Lots of Pokemon and poke-stops filled with lures 😛IMG_5178aIMG_20160809_122057IMG_20160804_122225IMG_20160804_122624

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  1. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous. Your blog title hooked me and then your photography made me stay!!!! I cant wait to read it all!


    1. flabnbone says:

      thankyou – much appreciated 😀😀

      Liked by 1 person

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