Winter Delights @ Baba Sus


Photo | The new winter menu at Baba Sus is a must try.

Last week I went to Baba Sus again to try out their new winter menu. What a delight it was!  As per tradition, we could not go to Baba Sus without ordering their signature Hong Kong Egg Waffle. Read my earlier review of Baba Sus at “Hong Kong Egg Waffles

In addition to the waffles, we also tried out the new items on their menu, which included their Crumbed Eggs, 12 hour Beef Ribs, and the Doria.

The Crumbed Eggs was a very flavorsome dish. As the name suggests, the eggs are crumbed and deep friend so that the outside is crispy and the inside is runny. Accompanying the eggs was a generous portion of pulled pork, pickled red cabbage and toast. Although the menu said the pulled pork was spicy, I could not taste the spice at all. That’s a good thing because I do not like spicy food at all. The toast (in my opinion), was a bit on the burnt side but everything else was so yum and perfect.IMG_4677aThe 12 hour Beef Ribs was another delicious dish packed with flavour. The meat was tender, literally melting in your mouth. At the base was a cauliflower puree, with an accompany kale, quinoa and peanut salad. What I loved most were the pomegranate seeds scattered throughout the salad. It really helped to lighten up the dish and the tangy element was a good refresher from the salty meet and creamy puree. IMG_4684aThe Doria is a real winter warmer. It was served in a casserole dish, with rice at the bottom and topped with a hearty white sauce, pork bologense, mushrooms and lots of cheese. It was yum and the flavors reminded me of those old school Hong Kong style bologense dishes. IMG_4687aAs we were waiting for our dishes to come, I noticed many tables ordering “The Hangover”. Don’t let the name put you off because it actually looked pretty good. Think of it as your traditional congee with a modern makeover. I looked at photos on Instagram, and the congee comes with a pork belly, tea egg, preserved cucumber and spring onion for extra flavour. It looked good!

Like last time, the Hong Kong Egg Waffles were delicious. Read my review of it here. To sum it up in one sentence I would describe the dish as: fresh, crisp, not overly sweet and full of egg flavour. The green tea ice-cream (this time around) did not have that odd rose flavour which it did the first time I ordered the dish.IMG_2266 Overall, my second visit to Baba Sus did not disappoint. The food was delicious, fresh and packed with flavour. I know of many places where you are dying for water afterwards, but I did not get that feeling when eating at Baba Sus. Perhaps the only downside was the very very long wait time for the egg waffles. I asked for the waffles to come out as we were nearing the end of our main courses but it did not come out until half an hour later. But aside form that, I really like their new winter menu. The Doria dish was a standout for me as it evoked childhood memories of eating at Hong Kong style cafes haha 😀IMG_4679a

Read my earlier review of Baba Sus here

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