Ice Cream Quirks @ Aqua S

In the foodie world, anything that is quirky tends to become a massive hit. For example, when milkshakes evolved into freakshakes, a spam load of photos appeared on Instagram of those mammoth sized drinks. What’s another trending hit? If you ask me, I would say the quirky blue ice creams from Aqua S.

I first found out about Aqua S from Instagram. At the time, it was only available in Sydney but due to popular demand, a melbourne store opened not too long ago. Although there is nothing too special about soft serve ice creams and cotton candy, but put the two things together and suddenly you have this wacky business idea and have taken ordinary soft serve to the next level.IMG_4582aIMG_4584aThe signature product of Aqua S is their blue soft serve ice cream. What flavour is it? Sea Salt. Does it taste like sea salt? Yes.When I took my first bite, the sea salt kinda knocked me back a little. It was an unusual taste. The sweetness and creaminess came creeping in after that salty explosion. The blue soft serve along with the pale blue interior of the shop sets the corporate image for Aqua S: a magical, dreamlike wonderland.

Aside from their signature Sea Salt flavour, Aqua S offers two new flavors of soft serve fortnightly. When I went, the flavour of the week was blueberry and coconut. I tried the coconut flavour and it was delicious -not overly sweet but very smooth and creamy. Looking at older posts on their website, it seems previous flavors have included lemon squash, matcha, shortbread and pandan!! IMG_4595aIMG_4586aIMG_4574aLike any other ice cream place, you can have yours served in a cone or a cup. I opted for a cup because I feel a bit uncomfortable eating a cone that is black. I wouldn’t mind if it was made from Oreo cookies (hence the colour) but I know that charcoal is another growing trend in the food world, and there’s a chance the cone is black because of the charcoal ash. To me personally, I am not a fan of charcoal ash and absolutely against burnt food, so the cone was an easy pass for me.

In terms of toppings, Aqua S offers a range of toppings with 4 being the maximum per serve. The most popular is the cotton candy that goes around the ice cream like a cloud. It makes for superb photography material. I had the caramel popcorn which was yum and because I wanted a crunchy element. Other toppings include grilled marshmallows, popping candy, palmiers, mochi  and egg rolls.

Another product that Aqua S has to offer are their soft-serve slushies. I am not 100% convinced about this combination because it seems a bit strange to have  ice cream sitting atop a slushy. Then again, I haven’t tried it before so it could be really yum.

Visit Aqua S at: facebook twitter  instagram


  1. Find Aqua S inside QV at 16 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne CBD.
  2. Quirky ice cream palour with unique flavors that change fortnightly
  3. Their sea salt flavor is always available and may not be to everyone’s taste either
  4. Fun, cute, dreamy atmosphere
  5. Great for #foodphotography

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