Sweeping Sea views @ Arthurs Seat


Photo | Beautiful winter’s day by the coastline ❤

Every time the weekend comes, we are always blessed with good weather. Mon-Fri, you see gloomy grey winter skies and rain, but Saturday and Sunday arrives and hello sunshine. Making the most of this exceptionally good weather, off I went on another roadtrip. This time, we went to Arthurs Seat. The first two times I was there, I just passing by and never really got to stop and appreciate the views. This time, I made sure to stop by at every possible lookout point and take as many photos as I could.

Arthurs Seat is the highest point of the Mornington Peninsular Region. It is dotted with  lookout points, picnic areas, walking tracks and lots of tourist attractions! The road up the summit is called Arthurs Seat Road as creative as a road name gets. It is fun to drive along because it isn’t too narrow where you are consonantly fretting about going over the line or giving way to cars coming in the opposite direction. It is wide, up-hill, twisty and the views alongside it are spectacular.


Photo | Arthurs Seat Road is a twisty uphill road that is lots of fun to drive along ~

The first of the scenic lookouts along Arthurs Seat Road is Franklin Point Lookout. What a gorgeous and breathtaking view it was with the ocean, the beach, the clear blue sky, and all those colorful houses down below.

Less than a min up the hill is another lookout called Murray’s Lookout. It is much the same as Franklin Point except the view is from a higher elevation.IMG_4260IMG_4261aIMG_4262aIMG_4273aIMG_4283aIMG_4286aIMG_4304aIMG_4315aIMG_4320aIMG_4323aIMG_4325aContinuing up the twisty hilly road led us to Arthurs Seat Summit where Arthur’s Hotel Restaurant, Tavern and Bar plus various other hotel and getaway places are. The lookout at the summit (believe it or not) is not as spectacular as the ones we saw on the way up. The main reason is most of the ocean view was blocked by the canopies of tall trees.

Of particular interest to us was the Arthurs Seat Skylift. Back in the 1960s, people could reach the summit by chairlift. Due to mechanical faults, the chairlifts were closed. Thankfully, a new project was approved in 2014 whereby the chairlifts would be replaced with skylift gondolas. The gondolas are said to open in late 2016 and when they do, I will definitely be keen on taking a ride up the mountain. Imagine all those aerial shots I could do ~

IMG_4348aIMG_4350aIMG_4334aIMG_4358aAside from appreciating the beautiful seaside views from the various vantage points, we also went for a nice walk in Arthurs Seat State Park. Located inside the park is the famous Two Bays walking track – a walk that spans from Arthurs Seat all the way to Cape Schanck, making it a whopping 28km walk. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do such a massive walk, so instead, we visited  SeaWinds Gardens which is also inside the State Park.

This was actually my second time visiting SeaWinds Gardens. The first time I went, it was back in the Autumn of 2014. I remembered the gardens to be lined with beautiful red, orange and yellow trees. This time around, all those leaves had fallen and it was just bare branches. Nevertheless, it was still a beautiful sight.  The memory of my first visit was pretty vague. I remembered walking for about 30 min where we made it to a large green chair (literally Arthur’s Seat!) This time, we walked through a forest track, with the ocean in the distance.

SeaWinds in Autumn: 2014IMG_4697aIMG_4584awhere_the_tree_s_sing_ii_by_flabnbone-d7hg2axthe_enchanted_path_ii_by_flabnbone-d7i57he

SeaWinds in Winter: 2016IMG_4366aIMG_4376aIMG_4386aIMG_4390aIMG_4392aIMG_4393aIMG_4397aIMG_4418aIMG_4423aIMG_4424aIMG_4425aIMG_4438aIMG_4442aIMG_4449a

The day ended with a drive back to the city of Mornington where we bought ice cream, walked through Central Park towards the harbor where all the ships and boats were docked. All in all, it was a lovely winter’s day bursting with summer vibes.


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  1. Miriam says:

    What a stunning post, wonderful photos and the skies are just beautiful. You’ve definitely motivated me to go up there for a visit. Can’t wait for those new gondolas. 🙂

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