Autumn Colours @ Melbourne

IMG_3786aIMG_3424IMG_3784aThis blog is probably two months too late given it is winter now but nevertheless, I wanted to celebrate autumn with some photos of the beautiful season. Rather than write a whole heap (which is what I usually do), this week’s blog will be told through photos 😀

Maroondah Reservoir

Earlier this year, I went on a hike to Maroondah Reservoir and what a gem it was with all those autumn colors surrounding the landscape. I was bursting with excitement seeing all those red, orange and yellow leaves dusting the grass.

IMG_3792aIMG_3789aIMG_3782aIMG_3776aIMG_3770aIMG_3767aAside from Maroondah Reservoir taking my breath away, some other stunning places in Melbourne with some breathtaking autumn scenery include:

Honor Avenue @ Mt Macedon

This is an interesting place because the trees at Honor Avenue loose their leaves fairly early in the season. The prime time to go is around mid-April. I went a few weeks too late and by then, 90% of the leaves had fallen. Seeing pictures on Instagram of Honor Avenue when its leaves are at its fullest is simply stunning.


Argyle Square & MacArthur Square @ Carlton

These two outer-city parks are about 15 min walk from each other. Both are smallish in size but the trees in autumn turn these ordinary square blocks into photography worthy destinations. Whilst Argyle Square is more about the deep red hues, MacArthur Square is magical with its bright yellow leaves. There’s also a hand-load of cafes nearby so after a photography session, you can always relax with a nice cuppa and cake 😀

Argyle Square:


MacArthur Square: IMG_3333a20160606_101202a20160606_100801a20160606_100742a

Seawinds National Park @ Arthurs Seat

Visit the Mornington Peninsula during Autumn and you will get a double hit of autumn beauty and summer vibes. Not only are there stunning autumn trees, there are also many lookout points of the beach and ocean. A full blog for Arthur’s Seat to come 😀


Photo | Visit Arthur’s Seat in the Autumn for a double hit of autumn beauty and summer vibes ❤

Visit more of my autumn photos here

 What is your favorite season in Melbourne and why? Share with me what you like to do and where to visit during each season



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