A Hidden Gem @ Miss Peppercorn

IMG_20160701_202118IMG_20160701_203004I love it when I discover a new trendy cafe in the local area. That excitement of, “omg I need to try it out”, “omg i need to take photos” rushes over me. I feel like a little kid being given a lollypop. This week’s cafe rave is a place called Miss Peppercorn located in Blackburn South (8 Lawrence Street, just off Canterbury Road). Visit them at: facebook twitter  instagram

Miss Peppercorn is one of my latest hang out spots for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and afternoon tea! There are many things I love about this cafe. First, is the atmosphere.  Miss Peppercorn gives off a warm at-home feeling. When the weather is cold, the staff have blankets dangling on chairs for customers to use. I really like the simplistic white & blue decor they use. The table ornaments as well as the general decor of the cafe is very cute and makes for good photography material. What I like in particular are the white shelves stacked with jam jars, pot plants and other miscellaneous items. It feels really homely and very trendy.


Photo | Cute white and blue interior design ❤

Second, the food and drink is delish and fresh! A standout about Miss Peppercorn is their Smashed Avocado with asparagus and poached eggs on toast. What a beauty of a dish it is! I feel very healthy when I eat it. It’s like there’s no guilt factor involved with each bite. Thick cut brown bread, a runny egg, a generous amount of smash avocado with feta seasoned with herbs, and asparagus that is boiled!!! The dish is total heaven because I am a major fan of boiled food. Too many times have I gone to cafes where the asparagus is grilled and then pan fried, and as a result, the final product is slightly burnt and dripping in oil. For those after a light, healthy meal, I definitely recommend the Smashed Avocado dish ❤

Photo | Smashed Avocado with poached egg, asparagus and seasoned feta on brown bread.

We also ordered the Pork Taco. I believe it was a “special of the day” dish because on subsequent visits to the cafe, I couldn’t find it on the menu. It’s a shame because that dish was another standout for me. What I loved about it was all those different textures and flavors exploding in my mouth. You get that crunch from the shallots and pickled carrots and cucumber pieces,  then you get that caramelized pulled pork melting in your mouth. I loved the sweet, sour, salty flavour combination. The accompanying Greek yogurt sauce added freshness. Overall, it was super delicious!IMG_20160701_203155

Photo | Pulled pork taco with pickled vegetables and yogurt sauce.

The third standout dish was the Waffles. Seeing it come out and placed on the table was love at first sight for me. The plating was beautiful, the serving was generous (huge actually!) and it tasted amazing. The waffles came with strawberries, banana, lots of ice-cream and a sauce of our choice: Nutella or maple syrup. Of course I picked Nutella.

Photo | A gigantic serving of waffles ❤

Other dishes we have tried include the Eggs Benedict and Grilled Chicken open sandwich with tomato, cheese, avocado, and homemade mango chutney.  Both dishes came with lots and lots of bacon. I guess those who enjoy their crispy fried bacon would enjoy the dish, but for us, it was just wayyyy to much. The homemade mango chutney was really good though!

Photo | Eggs Benedict.
Photo | Open grilled chicken sandwich – that mango chutney was delicious!

Now, let’s talk about drinks. The smoothies at Miss Peppercorn are a must try. It’s not overly sweet, its thick, fresh and fruity. I really liked the Peach, Honey, Yogurt smoothie. The matcha latte is nice too – very milky with a good amount of matcha flavour.

Photo | Matcha Latte (left); Blueberry and Ginger smoothie (right)


Photo | Peach & Yogurt smoothie
Photo | Strawberry Smoothie

The concept behind Miss Peppercorn  is pretty unique. Not only is it a cafe, it also sells homemade jams and chutney, as well as catering for children’s school box lunches, and other event functions like parties and corporate meetings. I think I know where I am going if I ever need an event caterer :pIMG_20160701_195131IMG_20160701_195013IMG_20160701_195203IMG_20160701_194921aI am surprised there has been only two reviews on Zomato. More people need to know about Miss Peppercorn because it is actually that good! Overall, would  definitely recommend 😀


  1. Hidden Gem in the eastern suburbs
  2. Cute, trendy interior
  3. Friendly staff
  4. Delicious fresh food!
  5. Love their smoothies
  6. 10/10!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Wonderful review. Love the sound of this place, the homely feel, the delicious food and those luscious smoothies. A gem indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. flabnbone says:

      thankyou 😙 A great little cafe indeed

      Liked by 1 person

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