The Enchanted Woods @ East Warburton Redwood Forest


Towering Californian Redwood trees planted evenly apart, red leaves carpeting the ground, pale sunlight seeping through the canopies onto the forest floor – Redwood Forest is wickedly enchanting ❤

As soon as exams finished, the first thing I was itching to do was visit East Warburton Redwood Forest (@VisitWaburton), and so, that’s exactly what I did. I found out about this beautiful forest after seeing it featured on Instagram. Being the avid photographer and wanderlust filled person that I am, of course I had to make my mark on this place too.

Redwood Forest, as the name suggests, is a forest of towering Californian Redwood Trees. Following the clearing of the original eucalypt forest, the redwood trees were then planted in 1930-1960s for research purposes. The forest has now been listed as a Heritage site.

The drive to the forest was fairly easy – for majority of the trip we were following Warburton Highway all the way to the end. I was surprised that there would be such a beautiful forest in Warburton despite being in the area so many times. The forest itself is located at 25 Cement Creek Road, about 8km east of the town of Warburton. Cement Creek Road is an unsealed gravel road and because it was raining that day, the car tiers got a bit muddy and yucky.

As we continued down Cement Creek Road, we were slightly put off by a bridge that said “maximum load of 8 tonnes”. We looked at each other and thought, “um….are we going in the right direction?” “How much is 8 tonnes?”. With a quick shoulder shrug and a #yolo mindset, we drove across the wooden bridge, holding our breaths in case the bridge snapped and we felled into the river below. Luckily that didn’t happen. We were so relieved to see a small car park where a handful of cars were parked just around the corner form the bridge.  We had made it to the forest all in one piece. (PS. I now know that 8 tonnes is equivalent to 8000kgs -phew)

Walking through the gated entrance, the forest was situated in the middle of an empty grassland. It was a pretty spectacular sight because you have this flat open grass field and then,  you have these redwood trees tall enough to reach the sky in the middle of the empty land.

Photo: Cement Creek Road is an unsealed gravel road as shown in this picture.
Photo: Redwood Forest is surrounded by empty grassland as can be seen here
Photo: Do you dare enter the realms of this ancient forest? Follow the red path if you do.

The most striking thing about Redwood forest is that the trees are planted equally distances apart in a grid formation. It’s like a piece of living artwork. The forest is enchanting and words cannot describe how beautiful it is. Simply saying it is beautiful is an understatement. Redwood Forest is everything I imagined a magical forest in a fantasy story to look like. With every step I took, I could feel the magic of the forest pulse through me as I walked into heart of the ancient woods. IMG_20160628_113647IMG_20160628_113412IMG_20160628_112554IMG_20160627_170634Like any magical forest should have, Redwood forest is home to large, plump poisonous toadstools growing proudly on the forest floor. We came across a red cap toadstool with white spots. For those who play Mario, you would have instantly thought of the red and white power-ups toadstools. But if you are like me, and completely in love with all things medieval and fantasy,  the red and white toadstool was definitely iconic of the toadstools featured in children’s fairy tales.

In addition to deadly mushrooms, scattered throughout the forest floor and located in between trees were wooden branches twisted into large circles. On Instagram, people referred to these large circles as “Winter Portals”. It is a very fitting name given it is winter now and the forest itself is very magical. I wouldn’t be surprised if the winter portal did take you to a far-off magical land if you stepped through it haha.

IMG_20160628_114501IMG_20160628_114629IMG_20160628_114324IMG_20160628_114549IMG_20160628_112033And of course, the day would not be complete without a photoshoot of Redwood Forest and my all-time favorite rainbow umbrella. I think the darkness of the forest is a nice juxtaposition to the bright and colorful umbrella.


What else is there to do around Warburton?

Boinga Bob’s Treehouse –  review here

IMG_8253To experience a touch of Brazil and the Amazon blended in with the culture of Cambodia, India and China, why not visit Boinga Bob’s treehouse?  There is a wonderful history behind this beautiful piece of architecture and I would definitely recommend a visit.

Mt Donna Buang + Rain forest Gallery  – review here

IMG_7114aTake a 20 min stroll among the lavish tree canopies at Rain-forest Gallery. Continue up the mountain road,  and enjoy the beautiful views of the Yarra Valley at Mt Donna Buang’s lookout tower. During the winter, watch the landscape transform into frozen landscape of snow.

Seasonal Attractions on the way to Warburton:

Rayner’s Orchards for Fruit Picking- review here

IMG_8648There is an on site cafe for those after a nice lunch. You can also join the paid tour where you are allowed to eat as much fruit as you can. A major highlight for me was seeing the sunflower fields in summer. Oh and I heard, during the spring, the peach and cherry orchards  blossoms into a sea of pink!

Blue Lotus Farm – review here

IMG_7428Although the entrance fee is very pricey, the oriental gardens are stunning!

And last by not least, thankyou to all the random people who have ended up in my photos. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but you make my photos oh so lovely. Shout out to all of you



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Wow, absolutely stunning. It reminds me of the Redwood Forest up in the Otways.


  2. Saxon says:

    Haha. This is so funny. I found your post via the photos on Google Maps (So keep doing that strategy) and whio do I see commenting but Miiram! We know each other from our blogs. Small world. Great photos. You picked a great day. The sun seems to wash these trees out with the hash sky. Nice job. I’m looking forward to getting up here. Just hope my car too is under 8 tonnes 😉


    1. flabnbone says:

      Oh whow small world! I know Miiram from wordpress too! The forest is simply enchanting – can’t wait to see your photos of it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Saxon says:

        Thanks to you I’m now planning a visit when it’s cloudy rather than sunny. Those greens in the trees you captured are amazing! Cheers


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