Food Adventures @ Beechworth Bakery


Photo | All my favourite things in the one photo (food, drink, good company, a map of the Yarra Valley, and of course, the car key!!)

Whenever I go to Heasville, I always stop by at Beechworth Bakery for a hot chocolate and some sweet-treats to take home. There’s always something very comforting and warm about the place. You get your regular chairs, tables, and booth seats, but you also get sofas and low tables by the fireplace, making it feel exactly like how a living room should feel. Every time I have visited, it has always been on a sunny day, but I can imagine how warm (and crowded) the place must be during the colder months when the fireplaces are on and people are huddled around the fire with a good magazine and coffee. And on the plus side, there’s free wi-fi!!


Dreamer, inspirational speaker and author, Tom O’Toole is the brains behind Beechworth Bakery. Since its opening in 1984, in the small gold town of Beechworth, the bakery has expanded to Echuca, Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat & Heasville. From a small town bakery that was meant to serve only the locals, Tom O’Toole’s creation is now a tourist destination, attracting people from all corners of Melbourne. My most recent visit to Beechworth Bakery in Heasville was during the Easter weekend. The place was packed with people, both sitting at the tables and lining up to order. So I guess the best time to visit would be on weekdays (but not weekdays during holiday season – unless you like a crowded, lively environment of course!)

Yes, I am totally in love with the Yarra Valley, but there is a curiosity building for the High Country Alpine region now. When holidays come around again, I would love to visit the town of Beechworth, go to the original Beechworth Bakery, and experience the enchanting alpine country life.


In terms of the food, well, here is a quote I read off their website which sums it up rather nicely “Eating at the Beechworth Bakery is just like heading back in time… to the good old days” -what a lovely way to put it because it is just so true. The bakery reminds me of childhood, of grandma’s kitchen, of coming home on an autumn’s day to smell the scent of freshly baked scones and bread. The bakery offers a huge selection of food, appealing to sweet-tooths like myself, as well as those who are after a savory treat.  You will find cakes, fresh bread, slices, as well as pastries, pies, rolls, focaccias and sandwiches. I have been to the bakery many times and each time I go, I always must order a Bee Sting and Vanilla Slice to take home. I have also tried the gluten free orange & almond cake which is a delight, along with their beef, chicken, and cheese/broccoli pies.


 – Summary –

  1. Beechworth Bakery first opened in 1984 in the enchanting alpine town of Beechworth. Since then to now, it has expanded to 5 other country towns like Bendigo and Heasville.
  2.  Sweet treat heaven – great for afternoon tea (but there’s also sandwiches, rolls, pastries and pies for those after a country style lunch)
  3.  The bakeries are always very busy, especially during holiday season, where crowds of people are lining up to order food!
  4.  “Eating at the Beechworth Bakery is just like heading back in time… to the good old days
  5.  Rating 9/10

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  1. Miriam says:

    Lovely write up on the Beach worth Bakery in Healesville. The one in Beechworth is just as good, if not better.


    1. flabnbone says:

      ohhh I must check it out then haha 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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