Flowers & Alpacas @ The Big Bouquet


Photo: Aside from flowers & alpacas, the farm is also home to lovely picnic areas and a kids playground, making it an ideal gateway for families.

Located in the beautiful Yarra Valley and just 5 min away from the town of Heasville is a small farm that has plenty to offer. The Big Bouquet, located on 27 Barak Lane is your one-stop-shop for all things colorful and pretty. More specifically, it is the place to go if you want freshly cut Gerbera flowers coming in all colors possible.

The farm was established by Bert and Margriet- a husband-wife team. Since its establishment in 1998 to now, the farm has grown in size, with the owners extending their glasshouses to hold a total of 62,000 Gerbera flowers across 1.2 hectares of land. Gerberas are sold on-site, as well as exported to local flower shops or wherever consumer demand may be.

IMG_5555IMG_5543IMG_5520IMG_5556The Gerbera farm is also a breeding ground for Alpacas which are native to South America. There are two main types of Alpacas (the Huacaya and the Suri) but the farm specializes only in the Huacaya. Alpacas at The Big Bouquet are bred for their fleece which is then used to make clothing like knitwear and pillows. Others Alpacas are for sale. When we went, my friend made a joke and said “we will buy some flowers for the house, and let’s also take home an Alpaca. It can sit in the back of the car and keep the boys company!”

IMG_5642IMG_5632IMG_5589Entry into The Big Bouquet is free, but for a small cost of $9.50 per person (with children under 12 years of age free), you can join the farm tour which runs daily at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. The tour began with a 20 min talk about the history of the farm, what Gerberas are, how to look after them, before moving on to talking about Alpacas and how they are bred and cared for.

After that, we were taken inside the Gerbera glasshouse, where suddenly, all we could see was a landscape of colorful flowers. Despite the humidity inside the glasshouse, the colorful, beautiful sight took my mind off the heat. The tour ended with a personal meet-and-greet with the Alpacas. Unfortunately, when we went, all the female Alpacas were pregnant and were a bit “moody” to welcome guests, so we weren’t allowed to get too close to them.

When the tour ended, we headed over to the on-site gift shop and cafe. Complimentary to the tour is a free drink of your choice, so of course we made the most of that offer. As we were waiting for our drinks to be made, we explore the adjoining gift shop. Not surprisingly it was stocked with all things Alpaca. Here you can purchase Alpaca plushy toys, souvenirs, and Alpaca-fleeced knitwear, yarn, pillows and more.

I bought a bouquet of Gerberas for only $7.50! I know for sure that if I went to my local flower store, it would cost $10.00 or more. With such a colorful bouquet of flowers in my house, I couldn’t resist but to spam away with photos. Here are some of the results 🙂

IMG_9423IMG_9373IMG_9361IMG_9333IMG_9325Overall, The Big Bouquet is great place to visit, coupling an unusual combination of Gerbera flower farming with alpaca breeding. Located in the peaceful Yarra Valley, the Gerbera & Alpaca farm makes a perfect day-trip outing away from the busy city.


  1. The Big Bouquet is an Alpaca and Gerbera farm located in Heasville
  2. Alpaca and Gerberas can be bought on-site
  3. Entry to the farm is free, but for a small price of $9.50 (children < 12 years free), you can join the farm tour.
  4. There is an on-site cafe and gift shop
  5. Idyllic farm with plenty to offer – who knows, you may actually end up buying an Alpaca to take home :p
Photo: A mandatory photo of the red beast because he looks rather charming in amongst all those pretty trees (this was taken at The Big Bouquet car-park)

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  1. Shivani says:

    loved the post and the pictures..


  2. Miriam says:

    Nice post and gorgeous pics of flowers and alpacas. Looks like another great local place to visit.


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