Fine Dining @ Rochford Winery


Over the weekend, we took a drive to the Yarra Valley (yet again!) This time around, we went to Rochford Winery because my mom had been eyeing that place for a while now. Like most days in February, it was hot sunny day, with summer vibes strong. I cannot believe in seven days, it will be the end of summer and the start of university. Goodbye Roadtrip Season – until next year D:

Rochford Winery is located on the ever-so-fascinating  Maroondah Highway, only 5 minutes away from the town of Heasville. Although I have driven this part of the highway more times than I can count, the beautiful green pastures, farm land, and mountain-scapes never ceases to amaze me.


Rochford Winery is renowned not only for it wine, but also, for its panoramic views of the Yarra Valley, is fine dining and wine tasting experiences, and for hosting the “Day On the Green” music festivals!

After we parked the car, we followed the brick path into the main cellar where we were greeted by friendly staff. It was still fairly early in the day but already the winery was buzzing with life. I could see groups of people doing wine tasting in various rooms, others outside in the vineyard riding Segways, and even more coming out of tour buses in large flocks


The restaurant was beautiful and very classy.  We got a window table, facing out into the stunning Yarra Valley. The food on the menu sounded really fancy. Half the time I was resorting to google to find out what certain things were. For  mains, we ordered a Leg of corn fed chicken, soubise, farro & guanciale; a Pan seared Monk fish, slow cooked fennel, brandade &  pickled lemon; and a Potato, rosemary, garlic & talleggio pizza.


Photo: A beautiful dining area looking out into the gorgeous Yarra Valley.


All three dishes tasted wonderful with the right balance of  flavor. In particular, I really liked the pickled lemon. That along with a mouthful of fish was the perfect blend. The pizza was thin-crusted and oozing with cheese. It had a very strong aromatic flavor from the rosemary which I really liked. The chicken dish was cooked in Rochford’s 2015 Estate Cerberus Wine. As a result, it was definitely a dish that was very strong on the red wine flavors. To me personally, the serving size for the fish and chicken dishes were a tad leaning on the smaller side. Given each meal was around $35-$40, it would have been more bang for buck had the serving sizes been bigger.


Photo | A meal would not be complete without doing some flatlays of the food ;p


Photo |  Leg of corn fed chicken, soubise, farro & guanciale
Photo | Pan Seared Monk Fish, slow cooked fennel, brandade & pickled lemon
Photo | Potato, Rosemary, Garlic & Talleggio Pizza

Dessert was a Baked apple, freeze dried custard, oat crumble with milk sorbet – a modern take on the traditional apple crumble with custard. It was beautifully plated, with pretty pink edible flowers as garnish. All I wanted was to keep taking photos, rather than destroy such a pretty dish with my fork. Overall, I really enjoyed the dessert because it wasn’t overly sweet, and it was layered in different textures. Everything about the dish worked well, with every element blending in well with the other elements.


Photo | A modern take on Apple Crumble – Baked Apple, freeze dried custard, oat crumble with milk sorbet.

Overall, the Rochford dining experience was pleasant and I  enjoyed it.  It was definitely high caliber food, cooked with fresh produce form the area, with each element carefully cooked and plated. Perhaps the only downside I had was the serving size given the costly price. Other than that, the beautiful views, the flavors and plating,  and the friendly staff made up for it.


After our fine dining experience, we hoped back in the car, about to continue down Maroondah Highway when we noticed another winery (Levantine Hills) right opposite the entrance of Rochford. Curiosity took the better of us, so we drove inside Levantine Hills. Ok, so the first thing to catch my eye was the boss’s Ferrari parked at the front (lol!)


Like Rochford’s, there was also a fancy restaurant and beautiful outdoor seating too. Maybe this can saved be for another day?



  1. Rochford Winery is located on 878-880 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream VIC
  2. The winery is renowned for the “experience” it brings to its  consumers in terms of food, wine tasting, activities and events.
  3. You can see beautiful views of the Yarra Valley all around
  4. High caliber food though costly
  5. Rating: 8/10

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  1. Miriam says:

    I haven’t been to Rochford, it sounds nice but pretty expensive. Not surprising given its the Yarra Valley. Good luck with uni.


    1. flabnbone says:

      yeah Rochford is pretty expensive – but I guess a fancy meal once in a while is ok! Thankyou – shall need the luck with studying and all.

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