Brunching @ Frankie Says


With summer holidays coming to an end, and the bucket-list of cafes and places to visit forever growing, I am trying to tick as many things off before classes start in a week. Last weekend, I went with a friend to a breakfast / brunch placed called Frankie Says  located on 15 Acacia Place, Abbotsford,  just opposite Victoria Gardens by the riverside. The cafe is very pretty inside, with floor-to-ceiling windows, bringing in natural light (every photographers dream), timber posts and walls, a grand staircase, and modern pendant lights.

Photo: I liked how the cafe is divided into different sections, with a more open area to the right of us. We sat in the far back corner, surrounded by these vintage style pictures and faded timber walls.

We were greeted by friendly and welcoming staff, who guided as to a window seat much to our liking because natural lighting always gives that extra oomph to photos. The menu was  cute and said “Frankie Says: Love at First Bite” using modern hip fonts against a black background. The food on the menu is your traditional style brunch food (eg. scrambled eggs w/ truffle, pulled pork burger w/ fries, buttermilk pancakes w/ mascapone etc…).

I had the chicken, avocado, and coleslaw on 6-seed bread, and my friend ate the special of the day – crispy chicken with a potato croquettes on salad greens. As for drinks, I had a green smoothie with kale, avocado, banana & honey, and my friend had a ice-coffee. They were served in cute vintage milk/ soda jars.


Photo: Chicken Avocado Coleslaw on 6-seeded bread (bottom) | Crispy Chicken w/ potato croquette and salad greens (top)



Photo: Green Super Smoothie (bottom) | Ice Coffee (top)

My meal was so so. The chicken was a bit over done and hard, so I didn’t really eat much of it. But apart from that, everything was yum!

As we were paying the bill, the cakes in the cabinet caught my eye, so I ended up taking away a Berry and Lime Glazed Cake (highly resembling a doughnut), and a berry butter cake. Because my friend was curious, we snuck over to the cafe next door and bought a cronut each as well :p



Photo: Almond Cronut (top left) | Berry Butter Cake (top right – it’s actually meant to be double the size but my grandma sneakily ate half of it before I managed to take a photo) | Berry Glaze Doughnut/Cake of some sort (bottom right)

Overall – a good summer’s day well spent at a nice cafe, followed up by a walk with the dog along the Yarra River in Warrandyte. I wish every day could be as chill and relaxed. Thinking about the year ahead, the long hours of classes, the upcoming placements and the research thesis, I am very intimidated by it all. Hopefully among all that I can still find some time to try out new cafes, visit more places, and of course, continue my roadtrips around Melbourne 😀

IMG_20160214_121945– Summary –

  • Frankie Says is located in the trendy hip suburb of Abbotsford, just opposite Victoria Gardens
  • Beautiful interior design with stylish decor
  • Friendly staff
  • Food is what you expect of a breakfast/brunch place
  • Rating: 8/10

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Love your reviews. I always feel like I’m there with you. Warrandyte is a great place for a walk along the river reserve. It’s only about 20 minutes from where I live.


    1. flabnbone says:

      Aww thanks so much ! Hey we must be locals – because I am also 20 min from Warrandyte -hi-5 to that !! : D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miriam says:

        Hey, how great is that! Small world. 🙂


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