Strawberry Heaven @ Gateway Estate


With the sun shining bright and the summer vibes strong, off we went to Gateway Estate in Coldstream for U-Pick Strawberries. Compared to other Strawberry Farms located in the Yarra Valley such as Blue Hill and Jay Berries, Gateway Estate is much smaller in size but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t find any large and juicy strawberries! You just have to know where to look 😛

Located on the ever so fascinating and beautiful Maroondah Highway, Gateway Estate is 50km east of the CBD, and just 5 min car trip from Lillydale, the closest nearby suburb.  Gateway Estate doesn’t even feel all that “country-side” since it is still within the suburban stretch of things.

Photo: The road leading to Gateway Estate is very suburban, but continue on Maroondah Highway further down and you will be greeted by the beautiful and peaceful countryside.


Entry is free but for every 1kg of strawberries picked, it is $16. Fair enough since at supermarkets a small box is usually around $4-$5. Gateway’s strawberries are grown in two fields: an indoor hothouse and an  outdoor component. Unlike other places, Gateway grows all their strawberries in small black pots rather than directly in the earth and in the ground.


Photo: Unlike other U-Pick Strawberry Farms in the Yarra Valley, Gateway Estate grows all their strawberries in small pots rather than on the grassy earth.

As mentioned already, there are two strawberry fields at Gateway: one inside the hothouse and the other is outside in the sun. Given that we went on a 3o degree day, being inside the hothouse felt like a steamy sauna, or worse an oven. I will give you a little clue (hehe): the big strawberries are located outside 🙂

Photo: Gateway Estate has two locations for U-Pick Strawberries. One is inside this hothouse and the other is in the outdoors (below photo)


Gateway Estate also grows their own Capsicums in a 1 ¼ acre greenhouse, pots of basil, and of course, strawberries! The estate is also a seller of fresh produce, drawing on various fruit and vegetable farms in the Yarra Valley. The shelves always change, depending on what fruits and vegetables are in season. You will also find pasta, olives, cheeses, free range eggs, nuts, jams, tea,  and other pantry foods at Gateway Estate’s “Gourmet Farm-gate Store”. If you fancy some wine, Gateway Estate also has a Cellar Door, selling a range of homemade wines and liqueurs such as the Gateway Estate Strawberry Liqueur and Gateway Estate 2010 Pinot Noir. Adjacent to the Cellar Door and produce store is the Gateway Cafe. Here you will find an assortment of hot and cold drinks, biscuits and small cakes.


Photo: The Gateway Cafe


Photo: Gateway’s Gourmet Farm Gate Store- open to you for all things fresh and fine.



  1. Gateway Estate is 50km east of Melbourne, located along the beautiful Maroondah Highway
  2. Gateway is your place to go for fresh farm produce, fruit, vegetables and U-Pick Strawberries
  3. Entry is free and you pay for what you pick (1kg = $16)




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  1. Miriam says:

    Yummo, looks and sounds delicious. A nice way to spend a summers day in Melbourne.

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