Summer Vibes by the Sea @ Geelong Waterfront


Photo: Peaceful ocean views.



Here’s a long overdue post from last Tuesday – Australia Day! To celebrate, off we went to Geelong Waterfront which is part of the Bellarine region. Unlike the green and hilly Yarra Valley Region which I know inside and out, I know nothing about the seaside Bellarine area. Reading up on my geography, this region includes places like Geelong, Drysdale, Queens-cliff, Port Longsdale and the famous, Great Ocean Road etc… All in all, when someone says Bellarine, think seaside, pretty beaches, surf and sand, water, seagulls, boats and harbors. This is just personal preference, but I still like mountains, forests, hills, green paddocks and farmland more than I do the ocean and sand haha.



Photo: The Bellarine Region, including places like Geelong is famous for its coastal landscape, beaches, harbors and seaside cafes, & boats /ships.

Geelong is a port and coastal city, about 75 km south-west of the CBD. Over the years, Geelong has transformed from what was once an industrial town to one that is now buzzing with modern vibes. You will find eateries scattered along the main road looking out to the sea, shopping centers, tall buildings, urban living, and everything you would expect of a small city.


Photo: Beautiful dock where people can park their cars.


Photo: It’s a blend of modernity with more traditional architecture.
Photo: A city of old meets new. You see some old European style buildings (above photo) and also some funky modern day art sculptures too!
Photo: Geelong is far from it’s old industrial roots. Now, it is a city beaming with modern vibes, fancy cafes and beautiful seaside.

The drive to Geelong was fairly cruisy until we got to the main city where there was a massive traffic jam. Majority of the people were turning off the main road to get to the festival near the park. There were heaps of kiddy rides, carnival games, and all things typical of a festival. We didn’t visit the festival, so we continued down the main road to where the city was. Although there were many cars trying to find parking, it was less chaotic than before.

Surprisingly enough, there was another festival going on inside the main city, by the coastline. Unlike the other festival in the park, this one was more a market gathering with people selling handmade goods, lots of food trucks and live music!

Photo: Australia Day welcomed with a busy festive market!



Photo: Old ship exhibition!


Photo: Majority of rides are temporary, by this merry-go-round is a permanent and a part of the Geelong Waterfront.

In addition to the farmer’s markets, kiddy rides, and old ship viewings, there was also a muscle car exhibition. It wasn’t as big and as grand as the one in Mornington during New Years (read about it here), but still, there were lots of classic beauties there like the Mustang “pony” car.


Photo: Lovely old car exhibition in the city square.

I was talking to one of the car owners who brought in his treasured and well cared for Caravan to the exhibition. He told me he has had this caravan for over 40 years now (whow – that’s like nearly double my age haha!). He let people go inside and the first thing I saw was a ever so cute and elegant high tea set up at the back, matched with beautiful porcelain cups and saucers, little cakes, and flowery place-mats. It was so cute!!

Photo: Adorable interior of a 40+ year old caravan

There were so many coastal restaurants and cafes it was hard deciding on where to eat. In the end, we picked a restaurant called “Sailor’s Rest” mainly because it looked the busiest. The menu wasn’t super spectacular but the food was pretty good and the servings were generous. We had the good ol’ Chicken Parma, a Fettuccine Marinara (which was too spicy) and a Vegetarian Breakfast.  And of course, a summer day’s would not be complete without Ice-cream for dessert 😀

Photo: Lunch at “Sailor’s Rest” with a good ol’ parma (top left), seafood fettuccine (top right) & a Vegetarian Breakfast (bottom middle)




  1. Geelong is a coastal city, south west of the CBD
  2. Over the years, Geelong has transformed from an  industrial town to a modern creative hub.
  3. Geelong is the place to visit during summer, especially for those who are looking for some surf and sand blended in with city vibes!
  4. Lots of places to eat and shopping centers to visit.



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    Great photos of the waterfront.


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