Blue Lotus Water Garden @ Yarra Junction


Rocking 2016 off with a roadtrip to my favorite place in the world: The Yarra Valley. As I have said to my family and friends, I would happily marry that place with no regrets haha!

This time around, we visited a place called Yarra Junction, which is more in the central-east region of the Yarra Valley. Majority of my travels have been in the north-eastern regions including places like Maroondah Reservoir, the Black Spur, Lake Moutain, Marysville, & the Yarra Valley Chocolate Farm.

Warburton Highway is your best friend in reaching the central part of the Yarra Valley. It is a fairly short highway and spans only 35km in total. It begins at Maroondah Highway, just after Lillydale and ends at the split road with one road leading up to Mt Donna Buang, and the other splitting into a further two roads with one leading to Upper Yarra Dam and the other cutting through the Yarra Ranges National Park back to the northern regions of the Yarra Valley (ie. Lake Mountain and Marysville). 

Our major aim of visiting the town of  Yarra Junction was to visit the Blue Lotus Water Garden Farm just minutes from the outskirts of Yarra Junction. You can visit their Facebook page here. The farm is opened to the public only from December 27th to April 3rd.  


The farm was created by the Cochrane’s – a husband and wife team who had a dream of creating something special. The farm was initially a commercial Chinese Cabbage farm but in the mid 1990s, the owners wanted to complement their cabbage farm with something more. So they decided to add on waterlilies and lotus flowers. And so, the Cochrane’s began to transform what was once an ordinary cabbage farm into a beautiful oriental style garden with ponds, lakes, pagodas, walking tracks and garden bridges. The Blue Lotus Water Garden Farm was officially opened to the public in 2006 and now covers 14 acres of land.

When we arrived at the Blue Lotus Water Garden Farm, we were greeted by a  beautiful nursery selling waterlilies. We paid the admission of $17.00 for adults and as soon as we stepped into the garden, we were blown away by the sight. It was a landscape dotted with color!!

Photo:  Taken from the nursery. I can’t remember if these were real, but none the less, I thought they looked really cute it their individual boxes.


To the left of the entrance was a cafe, where people could buy food and drinks and sit alongside the lake, taking in the peaceful scenic views.  Following the path past the cafe and further left, we saw a row of pagodas well spaced and scattered around the lake for families to have picnics under.

Photo: Cross the bridge into a garden of colour and amazement
Photo: The same bridge as above but taken from the other side. Featuring the Blue Lotus Cafe to the right.
Photo: Pagodas scattered around the lake – perfect for family picnics!



Photo: Here’s a better view of all the lakeside pagodas. I love how they are very well spaced so that each family gets the right amount of privacy.

The farm is designed so that it is divided into different gardens and hothouses. The farm begins with a Fairy Garden and a hothouse featuring the Giant Amazon Lilly. Apparently the  Giant Lilly has enough strength to support a small child – that’s pretty awesome!

Photo: The farm walk begins with the Fairy Garden.
Photo: The Giant Amazon Lilly! You can put a small child in it and the Lilly wouldn’t sink. Now, was there a Disney movie  that had baby delivered by Water Lilly? Or was that a fragment of my imagination for something to add in to my own fantasy story?? hmm-mm

The garden only gets prettier from there onwards. Following the  forest track, we were welcomed by a number of small ponds called the “Lotus Flats”. Here we saw a series of waterlilies ranging from small to large, from pink to purple to yellow.


Perhaps the biggest delight for me was the willow draped walkway that cuts across Monet’s Lake. The lake was huge and overlooked majority of the farm. Like they say, you always save the best for last and I couldn’t agree better.

Photo: Gorgeous view of Monet’s Lake.



Overall, the garden was breathtaking and the sky was being very kind to me that day. I mean,  look at those clouds. They add the perfect complement to my photos (though, I must say, the sun’s exposure was pretty harsh and added some dark shadow).



  1. The Blue Lotus Water Garden Farm is located off the Warburton Highway, just minutes from the town of Yarra Junction.
  2. The Lotus Farm first opened in 2006 by husband and wife team who wanted to create something special.
  3. The farm is only opened to the public from late December to early April.
  4. Admission is a tad on the pricey side but if you are an avid photographer, or simply love garden walks and nature, it is worth it.
  5. There is an onsite cafe, but families can BYO food and drink and sit under the pagodas.
  6. The Farm is divided into a variety of smaller gardens with my favorite being Monet’s Lake and the Giant Amazon Lillies.
  7. Rating 8.5/10






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