Happy New Year @ Mornington Peninsula

Photo: The Mornington Peninsula Beach


2015 has gone by in an eye-blink, and I cannot believe it is New Years already. Happy 2016 everyone! May it be filled with awesome-ness and adventure!!


Like last year, New Years was spent with family by the sunny coastline of Mornington Peninsula. This coastal town is located in the south-east region of Melbourne and is about 1hrs drive from the CBD. The region is renowned for its beaches, wineries, coastal cafes/ restaurants & chilled laid-back lifestyle.

Photo: Courtesy of Google maps, you can see that Mornington is all the way down south of the CBD.
Photo: Looking out to the harbor and beach.


Mornington is a pretty big town, with eateries and retail shops lining Main Street. During summer, there’s people everywhere. For example, I went to buy ice-cream from a placed called Yummo Ice cream & Lolly shop,  only to realise the queue of people of waiting to be served extended from the innermost corner of the shop all the way down the Main Street.

You see people flocking the main roads, by the harbor fishing, or on the beach surfing and swimming. Although crowds are huge, everyone is pretty laid back and carefree, doing their own thing.

Photo: Finding parking was pretty tricky due to holiday season and an influx of holiday-goers

Lunch was at the busy “The Grand” hotel located on Main Street. It is your typical pub style food with pokies station to the back, and drinks counter to the side.

Photo: Asian style marinated Rockling with Jasmine Rick and Vegetables
Photo: Pork Belly with Apple Jus and Apple Slaw
Photo: Asian style marinated Rocking (top), Chicken Parma with Chips and Vegies (middle), & Pork Belly with Apple Jus + Slaw (bottom).

And here’s a photo of my News Year Lunch from 2015 at the good ol’ La Porchetta. Some things never change? For example, our love for Chicken Parma :p

Photo: Pizza with The Lot (top), Chicken Parma (bottom right), & Vegetarian Pasta (bottom left).

After a hearty lunch, we wandered around the rocky coastline and walked along the wooden path to find many lookout points across the ocean and to the land on the other side.

Photo: Whilst the Yarra Valley is all about rolling green hills, the South Coast of Mornington is all about the open seas, beaches and coastlines.


Photo: Scenic picnic areas scattered throughout the Mornington Beach

This year there was a vintage Hot Rod and  Muscle Car exhibition at Mornington Park at the end of Main street. I believe this exhibition runs annually because  last year when I went, it was also there. I saw a lot of classic beauties, including Mustangs and Ford GTs.

This is slightly off topic, but I am really looking forward to the release of the 2016 Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS -> with these two bad boys roaming the roads, other cars better watch out  😛 I made a joke to my dad that he should get a Mustang, I should get a RS, and mom can have the ST haha. I wish.

Photo: Entrance to the Mornington Park where tons of muscle machines are proudly parked.
Photo: A classic mustang looking mighty fine !



After visiting Mornington Peninsula, we continued our drive down the coastline to Dromana, Rye, Sorrento and to the very edge of the land, Portsea & its lookout point, Fort Nepean. At the Melbourne Devonport located in Portsea, people can catch ferries across to the other-side (ie. Queens-cliff / Geelong/ Great Ocean Road Region).

Photo: You can catch ferries at Portsea to Queens-cliff

As I was sitting in the car, driving by all these coastal towns, I saw so many people just lazing around on the beaches, in banana chairs, in caravan parks with the hazy afternoon sun coming down. Everything and everyone looked so at peace as they soaked up the sun. That is the kind of lifestyle I would like to have but with university studies looming and career building set, I guess it will have to wait (or be saved for holiday season only).


Cruising through those coastal towns, led me to remember the time when I went on a hiking trip with a friend as part of an optional out-of-school activity. It was a three day expedition. I loved how simple life was during that hike:  eating, cooking and sleeping out in the wilderness. The best part was during a sunny late afternoon when we had our tent sent up and we were just lazing about reading novels and taking in the alpine views. That’s what I call enjoying life. I am no city person. I do not like skyscrapers, busy roads and giant shopping centers. I’m all about nature and the great outdoors.

Photo: Beautiful harbor where people come to fish and dock their boats.



  1. Mornington Peninsula is in the South-East region of Melbourne and is roughly 1hr from the CBD
  2. Mornington is famous for its beaches, wineries and coastal cafes & restaurants
  3.  Drive along the coastline and eventually you will make it to the very edge of the south coast known as “Portsea”
  4. At Portsea you can jump aboard a ferry which will take you to Queens-cliff where you can explore the scenic Great Ocean Road !!

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