Life Update 1# My 2015 in Review


2015 has been a challenging but eventful year  in terms of both personal development, learning and ascending boundaries to reach new heights.  This year has not been without its downs and major pitfalls but as people, we should accept these challenges and hardships as catalysts for growth.

My top 10 highlights for 2015 are told in pictures.

(1) Canola Fields @ Point Wilson & Little River


Visiting the Canola Fields at Little River and Point Wilson was definitely a highlight of 2015. It’s every photographers dream to shoot a landscape of gold. Even better, I got to shoot against a beautiful blue sky and capture a lone tree photo too !

(2) Cherry Blossom Garden @ Warrandyte


This was probably one of the biggest highlights of 2015. Who would have thought I would find a miniature japan only 15 min from where I live. You could only imagine my screaming and the “OMGS” as I drove by and saw this beautiful place.

(3) Sunflower Fields @ Melbourne CBD


I discovered this sunflower field after seeing various friends visit and take awesome photos there. It took some effort to find but eventually I found this hidden paradise on Batman Avenue just behind Federation Square. Summer would be a good time to visit as that is when the sunflowers bloom.

(4) Monash Graduation


Graduating from my Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Commerce was another a highlight of 2015. It’s also a sad thing because I loved my four years at Monash. It was one of those turning point moments in life where I grew up and was no longer that “little girl” from high school.  If there was such thing as magic, I would definitely go back in time and relive those four years but this time around with the knowledge of avoiding some things and taking up other opportunities.

(5) Cafe Hunting and Foodie Shots

22015 - 1 (22)a

This was a big one for 2015. Prior to 2015, I rarely when to cafes and rarely took flatlay photos of food.  Maybe it’s because this year I got a new phone with a better camera,  because  I traveled to more places,  and because I was inspired by wonderful people on Instagram. So hence the cafe hunts and food photos. You know what? I love this life and wish I could have discovered it earlier : D

(6) Falling in love with the Yarra Valley


Oh hey! Another big one for 2015. This year has been huge in terms of roadtrips. As a result, I kinda know the Yarra Valley fairly well now. Ask me a year ago, and I would have had the slightest clue where that road is or even what you are talking about. This year I absolutely fell for the Yarra Valley. I love its rolling hills, its green pastures, its open roads, its peaceful ways and its beauty.

(7) Catching up with the gang


I am not the type of person who has 100000 friends and gets invited to parties every week *not that I like partying* but I am glad to have a small group who I can hang with, to go on roadtrips together, to play board-games, to laugh with. This year has been wonderful in terms of catch-ups.

We went to Hanging Rock earlier in the year where I said “Oh there are lizards here. Are they poisonous?” to get a reply saying “only you are”. It’s friendly teasing like that that I like.

We also went to 1000 steps, to the Big Bouquet Llama and Alpaca Farm, watched random movies and had various lunches and dinners together.

Next week we are going Tree Surfing in Belgrave so stay tuned for the blog post about that 😀 Next year, I smell a Gold Coast / Sydney Holiday and cannot wait : D

(8)  The Car – The Camera -and – The World


Even though I started this blog only a month ago, I still see it as a highlight of 2015. For one, it helps me join together all my various roadtrips, for two, it is a place for me to unleash my creativity and thoughts, and lastly, this blogs helps me to share the places that I love. It is like a mini snapshot into my life 😀

(9) Continuing my love for fitness classes

This year has seen a surge in fitness classes. I love attending my Pilates, Zumba, NRG & Body Combat classes. Only recently did I discover a class called THT (Tummies Hips & Thighs). It was killer and my legs hurt for at least 2 days but I felt so good as a result. That is a class I will definitely keep doing in 2016! Also, this year has been good in that I bought a yoga mat, Resistance band and yoga ball all for only $12 !!

(10) Family outing to the Snow @ Lake Mountain


This was my first time going to the snow and it was fun. I love the snow ball fight. I love having the opportunity to unleash that competitive wild side of me. Next year, I should bring the gang and it will be a killer of a snow ball fight.

Hopes for 2016?

Well that’s 2015 in a nutshell. What do I hope for in 2016?

  1. To survive my final year of Masters, to get good grades, to write out a research thesis and find a job 0.0”
  2. To develop this blog more and to grow my online identity “Flabnbone” -> start a business and be an entrepreneur, well I haven’t got any idea of what products or services I want to sell, but the thought will always roam at the back of my mind
  3. To keep fit, eat healthy and enjoy life
  4. To continue writing my fantasy story and get somewhere with it. Have had writer’s block for over a year now ><
  5. To meet more people, learn more things and see the world 😀

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