High Tea @ Werribee Mansion Hotel & Spa

Two weeks ago, on the final day of Spring, I went with a friend to Werribee Mansion Hotel & Spa for their “Societea” High Tea. You can visit their Facebook page here. Their sessions run every Sunday of the month from 3pm-5pm.

I must say, the high tea was rather classy and decadent. As a person, I am far from classy, elegant and all-class, so it was fun trying out something new!



As we approached the reception desk, we were told that there are 2 locations for the High Tea (one on the mansion balcony and the other inside the library). Of course my friend and I wanted the balcony session because we would be able to sit outside in the sun, take photos using the natural light and of the surrounding outdoor scenery. Instead, they had allocated us to the library which was okay but a bit dark inside.

Today I will mainly be talking about the High Tea @Werribee Mansion, but I will follow up with a post talking about the beautiful Victorian State Rose Garden and other various gardens surrounding the mansion. Overall, the mansion is a beautiful place inside and out. I definitely recommend going during the late spring because that’s when all the roses have bloomed. I have actually been to the Mansion three times with one time being during the winter. I can tell you now there are no roses or flowers during the winter months (June-July-August), so it may be worthwhile to save the trip for November onwards.

Photo: Beautiful rose gardens surround the mansion during the late spring to summer months.

So back to the high tea. We were taken by friendly staff into the library where they poured us some champagne. I never drink alcohol but I guess since we had paid for it we may as well drink it. To my surprise, it was rather refreshing – a bit tangy, a little sweet, reminding me of pressed apples.

Photo: I know nothing about wines, ciders, or any sort of alcoholic drinks for the matter,  but whatever champagne they gave us, it was quite nice.

The first course of the high tea began with a round of finger sandwiches. We got 3 each (Smoke Salmon, Curried Egg & Chicken Avocado).


The next round was the 3-tiers (the crux of the high tea session). On the bottom tier, we had a serving of petite pastries including a very delicious beef pie, quiche and savory polenta muffin. The middle tier was death-by-sugar. We had macaroons, a passion-fruit chocolate moose, a chocolate and banana cake & my favourite lemon meringue tart. On the top layer, there were four scones, two for each of us. One was plain and the other was raisin. We got given fresh cream, jam and honey to serve the scones with.


Nearing the end, we were given the choice of Pomegranate tea or Earl Grey Tea. I wanted to be a  bit fancy and try the fruity Pomegranate tea. Like the champagne, it had a nice tang to it and was definitely very refreshing after all that food.



Overall, I enjoyed the high tea. The food was delicate, fresh, and very pretty. However, the only criticism I have is I would probably would have enjoyed more savory dishes over the sweet ones.  My friend said she would have loved more of the pastries over the scones, whereas I wouldn’t mind more of the finger sandwiches over the middle tier of various desserts.


-In Summary-

  1. The Societea High Tea session runs every Sunday of the Month @ Werribee Mansion Hotel and Spa from 3pm-5pm
  2. To get to the mansion from the CBD it is about 40 min drive (~35km)
  3. The high-tea runs in the Library or Mansion Balcony
  4. You get 3-tiers of food + tea + champagne + a plate of sandwiches
  5. Enjoyment 7.5/10

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