Best Small Car and Best Performance Car: Ford Focus!

I have exciting news to share! As I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed had released their Car of the Year Awards. So out of curiosity I clicked on the link to see the results.

Some of the Categories included: Best Car of the Year; Best Small Car; Best Family Car; Best Performance Car under $60k; Best Ute; Best 4WD and many more…All the details can be found here.

I was so happy to see that the Ford Focus won Best Small Car & the Ford Focus ST  won Best Performance Car under $60k.

Photo: So happy with the results that I had to do a flat-lay Instagram post about it ❤

I am so proud of my baby, the Focus, and my future baby, the Focus ST- they are doing me proud  ✌✌ Although I drive the older Focus model I am still happy to see the updated 2015 Focus there along with its sportier brother, the ST. YAY ~ Congrats Ford. 

Photo: Happy that the 2015 Ford Focus won small car of the year. Even though I drive the 2013 model (in photo), which looks totally different to the newer model, I am still happy regardless 😀

Ford gave the 2015 Focus a massive face lift. The front grille looks more aggressive and reminds me of the ST.  I’m also liking the new headlight design and the day-time running LED lights.

Photo: Ford Focus ST for Best Performance Car <$60 (photo taken from

I find the Ford Focus ST highly appealing. Not only is it “fun” but it has been labelled a street-boy racer  which is pretty awesome because I am not after a muscle car nor am I after a classy sports car. I want something fun and active and the ST seems to be ticking all those boxes. I also like its RECARO Sports Seats, its red calipers, its new “charcoal” colored wheels, and its unique looking diamond exhaust.
Photo: RECARO Yellow Seats inside the Focus ST (Photo taken from
Photo: The 2015 ST has been equipped with a new charcoal colored wheel with red calipers (photo taken from
Photo: The ST has unique looking diamond shaped exhausts (photo taken from
Photo: Decorating the interior of my red beast so it feels like a ST with a red wheel cover, red seats and a red line going across the dash. Tacky I know, but whatever haha :p

Despite the good news, it saddens me to see how many critics out there  are saying how “bad” and how “dangerous” the Focus can be given it had a transmission issue way back in 2013.

Well,  coincidentally enough that was the same year when I bought the 2013 Ford Focus Sport Hatchback. Since then to now, it has caused me no trouble whatsoever. Maybe some consumers were just plain unlucky that they happened to get the faulty transmission.  All I can say is, I have had no trouble with it and consider it a rather fun little ride, especially when going around corners and bends. Plus, the acceleration isn’t too bad either!

Having noticed everyone was writing negative reviews, it’s about time a positive voice spoke up from the crowd. I have had no breakdowns, no faults, no glitches, no nothing. In terms of people complaining about poor customer service from Ford, well, from my experience, I haven’t had the appalling customer service majority of people seem to be talking about.

I took my car for its service and the staff were friendly and it was done in a few hours. Another time, my car was hit by a reversing car, so again, I took it to the Ford Repair Center. It was a nasty hit with a scratch going down the side. I expected at least a week. They got it done in 2 days.

Overall, a good little car and a fun drive! PS: I am rather interested in test driving the new 2015 Focus because the engine has been updated to turbo producing a 7kw increase in horsepower to 132kw!! Pretty good for your common day to day city ride.

Final words:

To even more roadtrips with le red beast as we continue to hit the road and discover the best places of Melbourne !


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  1. LitaKino says:

    I love the ford cars I love my ford fiesta maybe a 2010 model but I love driving it so much, I crave to go exploring the wonders of adelaide as I have not seen all of them yet lol


    1. flabnbone says:

      oh yay the Fiesta is a good car too! You should defs roadtrip around Adelaide! I’ve never been b4 but it would be awesome to find out its hidden gems haha

      Liked by 1 person

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