Winter Wonderland @ Melbourne’s Lake Mountain

It is funny how my “seasons” post was intended only for Springtime @ Melbourne , and  Summertime@ Melbourne because these two are my favorite seasons. But then I wrote one for  Autumn Colours @ Melbourne. Well, I guess I need to finish off this trend and write one for Winter. Here you go, Winter Wonderland @ Melbourne.

Photo: Taken at Lake Mountain during the Winter.

Winter is during the months of June-July-August. I am a winter baby, born in the middle of August but I dislike winter mainly because I get “season depression” haha. There’s something about grey skies, rain, wind, thunderstorms, cold weather that makes me feel rather gloomy.

Winter in Melbourne is cold. When you wake up, it can be as low as 9 degrees (or lower sometimes). As the day goes on, it can increase to around 13-15 degrees (but generally it is still cold).


Lots of people like snuggling up to blankets and heaters with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book/movie/video-game at hand during the winter, but I don’t really like that. I mean, I do, but I prefer to be outside being active. Obviously you can’t do that during winter when it is pouring rain and the wind threatens to blow you off your feet. Well, there is one solution to that problem. What is it? Visit the Snow!

Photo: Lake Mountain during mid August.


Snow @ Melbourne

I will have to be bias here because the only snow mountain I have visited is Lake Mountain to the east of the CBD (~137km = roughly 2hrs drive). Other places famous for snow-time fun include: Mt Buffalo, Mt Paw Paw, Mt Buller, Mt St Gwinear, Mt Stirling, Falls Creek, Dinner Plain and Hotham. All these places are in the North-East regions and take around 3-5 hour car trips so the closest snowfield from the CBD would be Lake Mountain.


I have actually been to Hotham before during Yr 12 camp but that was during the summertime (~December) so obviously there was no snow then. But just for your information, Hotham is 418km from the CBD, making it a whooping 5 hour drive (which is fine by me coz I like road-tripping :p)

Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is the closest snowfield to Melbourne CBD and is 1,433-metres high. To get there all you need is to drive along the Maroondah Highway. When you get to the town of Healesville, you know you are half way there. From there on-wards, Maroondah Highway turns into a mountain ash road known as the Black Spur Road which travels for a further 30km. Marysville is at the end of this forest road. Read my blog about Maroondah Highway and the Black Spur here. 

Photo: The beautiful mountainous ash road known as Maroondah Highway or more commonly called by its nickname, the Black Spur.
Photo: Stopping by at the Marysville Bakery for some hot food before hitting the snow-topped mountains.

From Marysville, take Lake Mountain Road up to peak. Be warned though that they charge $50 per car, so if possible, pack everyone into one car to save $$$.  And ta-dah you have make it to the snow! 😀

Photo: The less steep tobogganing trail (I don’t think I have a photo of the steeper one, but it is just behind those trees you see in the background)

Lake Mountain features two snow toboggan tracks, (one steeper than the other), skiing and cross-country trails, and plenty of flat open fields for snowball fights and snowman building. Apparently there are also Snow-Mobile rides (I didn’t see this when I went) but I would have loved to ride on one.  I mean, motor-bikes are pretty cool, but imagine one in the snow!!


Photo: Aside from being outside, you can go inside the wooden building to store personal belongings, rent skis, find shops and cafes too.
Photo: Kids lining up to learn how to ski.

I have never visited the snow before so I expected it to be freezing cold but what do you know, I didn’t feel the cold and after some tobogganing and hiking back up the hill, and some snowball fights I was actually sweating. Regardless, it is still important to wear the appropriate snow attire like snow boots/ hiking boots, gloves, beanies and clothes without cotton (coz they soak water easily).

Photo: Isn’t Mr Snowman rather cute?

I am rather competitive so as soon as I saw the snow, I knew the competitive side of me was rising. Before I knew it, I was attacking my poor family with snow balls thrown to the arms, legs, chest and hits to the face even. They called me “wild” because usually I am a fairly quiet person but as soon as competition starts, it’s game on! Next year, I would love to go with friends because it will be game-on to the next level. I can imagine them burying me in the snow haha :p It’s going to be crazy fun!!


Photo: During the warmer months when the snow has melted, you can probably drive up to Lake Mountain and hike.


Lake Mountain does not have accommodation so you will need to book accommodation in the nearest town which is in Marysville. Marysville is a town popular all year around for ski resorts and supplies during the winter and hiking during the warmer months. You can read about my hiking experience at Marysville here.

Photo: After a day at the snow, we are back to Heasville for a quick lunch.

-In Summary-

  1. Prime time to visit the snow are mid June, throughout July, and early to mid August
  2. When visiting Lake Mountain, it is best to go by one car because they will charge you $50 per car
  3. To get to lake Mountain follow Maroondah Highway/Black Spur to Marysville.
  4. Lake Mountain features tobogganing, skiing, lots of snow for snowball fights/snowman building and apparently, snow-mobiles!?
  5. Pack lots of appropriate snow gear (you can buy/ rend last min items in Marysville)
  6.  Have a change of clothes for after the snow because the last thing you want is to sit in the car for 2 hours dripping went and cold
  7. Enjoyment level 8/10

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    Great post on snow in Melbourne. I haven’t actually been to Lake Mountain even though its the closest snow field to where I live! Maybe next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bonetsmile says:

    I love the beauty of snow ever. It made me feel how Christmas touches in everyone’s heart. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. flabnbone says:

      Thankyou 😀 Actually, here in Australia our Christmas is usually in 30 degree heat. It would be awesome to travel to the other side of the world and experience my first white Christmas 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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