First day of summer @ Maroondah Reservoir & Selover’s Lookout

Today is the 1st of December which also means, it is the first day of summer. It’s the season that I love and wait nine months for each year. The first day of summer should be celebrated by being in the great outdoors and I suggest a visit to Maroondah Reservoir and Selover’s Lookout.

IMG_3907Maroondah Reservoir is located 65km east of the CBD. It is found just minutes away from the town of Healesville and is on the way to the Black Spur Road (read the blog about the Black Spur here) and Marysville (read the blog here).

Photo: Adapted from Google Maps. Maroondah Reservoir is located in-between Heasville and the Black Spur Road.

Maroondah Reservoir supplies water to the Greater Melbourne regions and was built in the 1920s. The reservoir is also a very pretty place for photography and perfect for a stroll / hike.  The reservoir features surrounding mountains, English style gardens, lookouts, picnic areas,  and lots of open spaces.

Photo: Beautiful gardens like this are scattered throughout the reservoir park.

When you first arrive in the car-park, you will hear the sounds of splashing water. What could that be? Walking behind the trees, you will notice a beautiful waterfall and a 41 meter high dam wall. Rather imposing right?

Photo: Waterfall at Maroondah Reservoir
Photo: The rather imposing 41m high dam wall (yes you get to climb it and be at the top!)

Ascend the “rose stairway” and it will lead you to the upper most part of the dam.  Yes that’s right, you get to go to very top of the 41 meter high dam wall. How cool is that!?

Photo: After climbing 41m (which isn’t that much), you are greeted by this birds-eye-view of the garden where the rose staircase begins in

At the top of the staircase there is a rather magnificent looking walking track that leads across the dam wall. You get to walk across Maroondah Reservoir and over its spillways. Who needs a drone when you can capture such a lovely aerial view from the top? :p

Photo: Before you were looking up at the 41 m wall, now you are on top of it. Let’s take a walk across the reservoir shall we?
Photo: Beautiful views all around
Photo: Walking over the spillways.

Suddenly you are surrounded by nothing but masses of water, trees and mountains.

IMG_3936The pathway eventually leads to a lookout where you get view the 41m dam wall from EVEN HIGHER ground!

Photo: Looking down at the dam wall we were just walking on moments ago.

The lookout links onto a mini forest and this is where the hiking and bush-walking fun begins.  The forest track is about 800m and depending on your waking speed, takes roughly 15 min to complete.

Photo: At the end of the waterway walk, you come across this forest track. It is about 800m long.

IMG_4052IMG_4054Following the forest trail  leads you to a large picnic tree with lots of tall eucalyptus trees. Eventually, the forest track will lead you back to where you started (ie. the car park where I heard the splashing water)


Selover’s Lookout

Selover’s lookout is further down the main road. So hop back in your cars, and follow Maroondah highway in the direction of the Black Spur, and it should only be 1-2 min drive (or less) from the reservoir. I love the name of the lookout. Initially I thought it was called “Sea-Lovers Lookout” but either way, it is a beautiful name for a beautiful place.


Photo: Even Le Red Beast wants to pose for this gorgeous view :p

-In Summary-

  1. Maroondah Reservoir is 65km east of the CBD
  2. The reservoir park is in between the town of Heasville and the Black Spur Road
  3. Maroondah Reservoir is home to beautiful garden walks, forests, mountains, and breathtaking lookouts including Selover’s Lookout
  4. Perfect for photography, getting some exercise and connecting with nature
  5. Enjoyment level 9/10

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  1. Miriam says:

    Beautiful photos of this great area. We’ve enjoyed many family picnics here over the years.


    1. flabnbone says:

      thankyou! That’s good to hear you’ve had lots of good memories from this place : D

      Liked by 1 person

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