Autumn Colours @ Melbourne

Have you read my Springtime @ Melbourne & Summertime Happiness @ Melbourne posts? Well, I guess it is only fitting to dedicate one to Autumn too.

Photo: Autumn, another prime time for photography, especially capturing those red-golden hues (In the photo | Dad’s old camera + my boots + the backyard :p)

Compared to Spring and Summer, I wouldn’t say Autumn is one of my favourite months. I mean, it’s good but it doesn’t make me go YIPPEE, IT’S AUTUMN <- I only do that for Summer and Spring.

Autumn days can vary from early-spring weather (~20 degrees) to dead of winter weather (~10 degrees). Overall, I prefer it when it is sunny and warm.


Here in Melbourne, Autumn is during the seasons of March, April, May. Coincidentally, March is also the time where primary schools, high schools and universities have all started.


So what’s good to do during Autumn @ Melbourne?

Garden walks!! Whether it is visiting the gardens in the CBD (eg. Botanical Gardens, Fitzroy gardens etc…) or traveling to the Macedon Ranges or Mt Dandenong (eg. National Rhododendron Gardens & Alfred Nicholas Gardens etc…), you are bound to see  a golden array of leaves carpet the ground.

Photo: Taken during the heart of Autumn at Arthurs Seat State Park in the coastal Mornington Peninsula

Arthurs Seat State Park is 60km south of Melbourne CBD. The park is filed with hiking tracks that ascend to the summit of the Mornington Peninsula region. There’s also lots of BBQ areas, mazes and ornamental gardens scattered throug

Below are more photos form the Arthurs Seat State Park:



Aside from Arthurs Seat State Park, what’s another good place to visit during the Autumn? Lots of people have told me the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Mt Dandenong (Sherbrooke). I actually haven’t been inside so I can’t say much but what I can say is, I have drive past the garden and I can tell you the forest roads during Autumn are beautiful. Below is a photo I took just outside the Alfred Nicholas Gardens – I am loving those autumn colours!

Photo: Taken in the Dandenong Ranges (Sherbrooke) just outside the famous Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

With the weather not overly hot or overly cold (on most days), it is a good time to connect with nature and go for hikes. My pick is Hanging Rock in the Macedon Ranges. More discussion about this unique rock will be saved for another day but I can definitely say, it is no ordinary hike because you actually get to climb the rocks which is lots and lots of fun 😀

Photo: Gorgeous red petals dusting the road. And to think this peaceful suburban street is only 1 min from where I live. This goes to show, Autumn spreads its beauty to all places in Melbourne.


  1. Autumn @ Melbourne can be warm but can also be very cold
  2. Autumn is during March-April-May
  3. Best things to do in Autumn are garden walks and hiking (my pick: Hanging Rock (to be discussed in another post), Arthurs Seat & the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke)
  4. Great time for photographing tree leaves and capturing those warm red and golden hues



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