Why do I like Road-tripping so much?

Here is a Saturday life up-date. The topic is:

Why do I like road-tripping so much?

Fairly simple question. Let’s see how I go about answering it. Before I do, just wanted to let you all know that’s still soooo much to blog about and I don’t know where to start.  An initial thought was to post by region, so do the East things first, then move to the south, then west, then north. Logical right? Or, a much easier option would be just to post whatever comes to mind first :p

What’s coming up?

There’s the Aumann Family Orchids, the Tulip Farm, Wandin Cherry Hill, Maroondah Reservoir, Sugarload Reservoir, Daylesford, Hanging Rock, Hepburn Springs + Lavender Farm, Sherbrooke, Phillip Island, Alowyn Gardens and so many other places ! I cannot wait to get started ~

Photo: Taken at Wandin Cherry Hill.

So, so back to the question: Why do I like road-tripping so much?

Ok so I am fairly pedantic. Road-trips need to occur during certain times of the month with certain kinds of weather before I can fully enjoy them. For one, I  cannot wait for summer to kick in because nothing can beat that early morning sun, music, plus open road feeling. For two,  I am one to believe in weather affecting one’s mood. I love the warm weather and the blue skies. When the sun is up, I feel really happy and that adds to the value of the road-trip.

I was never into this road-tripping business until recently. I guess you need to hit a certain point in your life where you suddenly realise the word is beautiful, and that you need to see every inch of it before you get old. So I hit that realization point a few years ago and perfect timing because that’s when I got a car and my trusty DSLR. With these two beasts in hand, I was all set to see Melbourne inside and out.

What I love about road-tripping is that you don’t know where the road is going to lead you, what you will see and who you will meet. It is that “unknown” factor that appeals to me.  It’s like discovering a new world! In simple terms, it’s called #wanderlust.

Photo: This photo wasn’t taken on road-trip but a “plane” trip to the Gold Coast. Regardless, I love that wanderlust feeling of discovering new places!

I also love the freedom and openness associated with road-tripping. Once you hit the country side, the stresses of busy city/suburban are thrown into a back corner and suddenly you feel free as a bird, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Photo: I love the countryside and the feeling of freedom you get

Another reason why I love road-trips is that where ever I go I am 99.999999% certain I will find a photography hot-spot, or if not a “hot-spot”, I am certain I will find something that is worth photographing. So overall, a photographer and a road-tripper go super well together – like glue stuck to paper.

Photo: Oh that summer feeling!!

And lastly, I like road trips because you get to expand horizons, see more of the world *even if it’s just a tiny part*and have all these memories to look back on.

-Summary: Why do I like road-tripping?-

  1.  Wanderlust
  2. Puts you in a feel good mood
  3. Freedom and openness
  4. Stress reliever
  5. Taking photos along the way
  6. Seeing the world
  7. Forming memories 😀

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