Fields of Gold @ the Canola Fields

What’s good to do during the Spring time here in Melbourne? I would instantly say, road-trip over to Little River and Point Wilson to see the Canola Fields. It is literally fields and fields of gold before your eyes.

Point Wilson and Little River are about 55km from the Melbourne CBD, making it about a 45-50 min drive from the city. It isn’t too bad so long as you don’t drive in peak-hour. I learned my lesson. I went on a Monday and the car trip back at 5pm-ish was not fun. For that reason, going during the weekends is recommended.


I rarely  drive in the western direction because the M1 is always packed with large trucks and cars. Factories line the side and overall, it is a very very different feel from the drive around the Yarra Ranges. I personally find the drive to be very industrial. Eventually, the factories give way to grassland, hills and farmland. It becomes fairly cruisy from then onwards.



The Canola fields are not around during the entire spring period (Sept-Oct-Nov).  I think they are harvested by mid-late November, so visiting before then is highly recommended.

Little River Vs Point Wilson Canola Fields

The travel time between Little River and Point Wilson is roughly 11 min. The Little River Canola Fields are surrounded by a wire fence, so you cannot actually go inside to take photos. On the other hand, the one at Point Wilson allows for visitors to travel inside, as long as you follow the rules and close the gate upon entering and leaving.

Photo: After opening the gate, you drive straight and then turn left into this narrow road which has Canola fields on either side.

The photo makes the road look really wide but in actual fact it was pretty narrow. On the right hand side, you can see a moat of water running parallel with the canola fields. The last thing you would want is for your car to fall into that moat and get stuck there. Attempting a three-point-turn wasn’t possible, so I had the fun of driving out backwards.




Check out my 2016 Canola Photo-shoot here

Where else can I find Canola? Check out Waubra Wind Farm and the blog here



  1.  Visit the Little River and Point Wilson Canola Fields in the months of September-Oct-Early November
  2.  It is situated west of the CBD (~55km = ~45-50 min)
  3.  Recommend the Point Wilson Canola Fields because you can physically drive inside though be mindful of the narrow roads and moats of water (you don’t want your car falling in!!!)

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  1. Miriam says:

    Nothing beats getting out of the city and seeing those yellow fields. Lovely!


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