On top of the world @ Marysville

Marysville is a small sleepy town, surrounded by big mountains.  It is 34km north-east of Healesville, and 100km from the busy Melbourne Central Business District.

During the Winter months (June, July, August), Marysville is the town to stop by in for last minute ski necessities like beanies and gloves, as well as to rent toboggans and other ski equipment. Once you are all packed and ready, you will need to drive a further 15-20 min up to Lake Mountain where all the snow fun begins (will review in another post).

In the meanwhile, why not drop by at the Marysville Country Bakery for some freshly baked pies and amazing sweets. I can vouch for the Broccoli and Cauliflower Pie and the almond crusted Bee-String – absolute heaven in my mouth.

Photo: Looks like your ordinary pie and sausage roll but the flavor was spot on. I had the cauliflower broccoli pie on the bottom right (I seriously would drive all the way back to eat it again)

During the warmer months, Marysville becomes famous for its hiking tracks. Of particular interest is the  Keppel Lookout Trail which is an 11km hike up  Marysville’s surrounding mountains.  The trail begins in the  car park on Falls Road. For the most part,  the tracks are relatively easy to follow though there was a notable part near the end where the track vanished due to a fallen trunk. Mind you, it was pretty fun climbing over the massive tree trunk. It reminded me of being in one of those fantasy stories where you are going on  a quest through the forest to find the magical sword (anyway, I diverge).

Photo:  The Keppel trail is a fairly wide and straightforward track but do be careful of fallen tree trunks that cover up the track!

The hike starts of fairly flat but gradually you can feel the steepness of it hit you. I definitely would recommend some energy snacks, lots of water and good hiking shoes! So after some huffing and puffing, you make it to the top and just when you through you can catch your breath, you lose it again because the view from the top is amazingly beautiful.  The Keppel Lookout showcases the beauty of the Cathedral Range  and its highest peak, called Sugarloaf Peak.

Photo: The breath-taking Keppel Lookout, showing the Cathedral Ranges and Sugarloaf Peak in the distance.



Follow the descend and you make it to the top of Steavenson Falls. It was pretty spectacular seeing a waterfall from the top rather than the bottom. Because good things come in pairs, there’s a staircase you can follow down to the bottom, where you can take proper photos of the waterfall in all its might and glory.


Photo:  Steavenson Falls in all its might and glory

Overall, the Keppel Lookout Trail offers great views of both the bushy Australian  landscape, mountainous ranges  and the stunning Steavenson Falls.

Photo: Somewhere along the way to the waterfall. What a gorgeous view!
Photo: A very typical looking Australian bush land for you 😀


  1. Marysville is 34km north-east of Healesville, through the famous Black Spur forest. Read my review of the Black Spur here.
  2. Marysville is the town for snow gear and ski hire
  3. Marysville has lots of small cafes, classic country style bakeries and good food!
  4. Walk the famous 11km Keppel Trail to see the Cathedral Ranges from from the lookout and Steavenson Falls.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Miriam says:

    I absolutely love Marysille in fact we were there not long ago. Lady Talbot Drive has some amazing scenery, walks and waterfalls. Great photos.


    1. flabnbone says:

      Thanks ! I don’t think I did the Lady Talbot Drive but it will definitely be something for my next visit : D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Miriam says:

        It’s definitely worth it. The whole round trip takes about 2 hours but there’s some amazing scenery on the way.


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