Springtime @ Melbourne

For the most part, I will be showcasing my road-trips around Melbourne, and doing some food reviews, but today I wanted to dedicate a post to my one of my favorite seasons of the year: Spring!

I love the springtime because all the flowers begin to bloom. The street I live on is lined by cherry blossoms, so whenever they start to blossom I know that warmer days are coming.



Spring here in Melbourne is during the months of September, October & November. On most days during the springtime, the average temperature is around 20-25 degrees, though you do get those out-liner days where it soars up to 35 degrees or drops down to 15. So in short, the weather here in Melbourne is largely unpredictable. You can be at 37 degrees one day but the next day it can feel like the middle of winter.


In my later blogs, I will be posting about the top 4 things to do during the Spring time. As a sneak-peak, I will be reviewing the:

Tesselaar Tulip Farm

Canola Fields @ Little River & Point Wilson

Wandin Cherry Blossom Festival

Aumann Family  Peach Blossoms

So stay tuned : D


-Tips for Spring-time Photography-

This is not everyone’s taste, but I love to go for photos where the object is in focus and the background is blurred so you get a bokeh effect (ie. blurred light) image_by_flabnbone-d86gwzb

Spring time photography is all about bringing out the color of the flowers and adding vibrancy and life to everything.On the flip-side, going for a pale yellowish hue or vintage effect works rather well with spring flowers too

Too zoom or not to zoom? I like both. I love close ups of the cherry blossoms, but I also like to shoot wide angle to capture everything i see into the photo.


My tools of the trade for Spring-time photography:

  • Canon EOS6O D
  • 100mm Macro Lens (for extreme close ups and blurry backgrounds)
  • 50mm Prime Lens (for close ups and blurry backgrounds)
  • 18mm-55mm Zoom lens (for your wider angle photos)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tiegan says:

    Very beautiful images! Springtime is indeed a blast for nature photographers.


    1. flabnbone says:

      thank-you very much!
      Definitely agree with you on spring being the prime time 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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