Driving the Black Spur Road @ Heasville

The Black Spur Road is a ‘nickname’ given to one part of the Maroondah Highway. When I first learned that Maroondah Highway is actually 188km long, I was mind-blown because on a weekly basis, I probably use only the first 5-10 km of it.

Photo: The black line shows one part of Maroondah Hwy. The circle in blue is where Maroondah Hwy becomes the famous Black Spur Road leading to Narberthong & Marysville.

Maroondah highway begins in those busy eastern suburbs like Box-Hill. Following the same highway for around 45 min, you can wave goodbye to the busy suburban life as the highway opens up to rural farms and lavish valleys.

Photo: Maroondah Hwy once you leave the suburbs behind -green pastures and farmland everywhere! Taken during Golden Hour.

IMG_2804IMG_2807IMG_2816The Black Spur (in blue) begins shortly after you leave Heasville. Here, the lavish valleys and farm land turns into a 30km gorgeous forest.Roll down the windows, breathe in the fresh air, take out your cameras, appreciate the views and blast the speakers til your heart’s content. I think we were singing “Shut Up & Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon on repeat throughout the Black Spur Drive!

Photo: The Black Spur Drive -> I am taken away by the spectacular views of the tall towering mountain ash trees. The best is when you get the sunlight coming in through the trees and dappling the road).

I have driven the Black Spur Road three times and was passenger twice. Even after five different ride I am not sick of this beautiful road. Although the speed limit is 60km (I think 80km in some parts) there is no way you could go at that speed with all those twists and turns (unless you are some crazy driver). The best part about the drive is that every now and then the road widens up, allowing you to pull over to take photos (as can be seen below) and to give way to those nasty tailgaters.


Photo: Le Red Beast looking smug in his natural habitat.

The Black Spur Road links the Yarra Valley region to its mountainous counterparts including towns like Marysville & Lake Mountain where people go during the winter to ski or during the warmer weather for hiking (will save discussions about these two places for a future post :D)

(Photo: Two completely photos taken at completely different parts of the Black Spur Road, yet when I place them side by side, they look kinda matching (especially the road, not so much the trees)


  1. A very scenic cruisy drive with 30km of stunning forest
  2. Be careful of those sharp turns, twists and turns
  3. Give way to tail-gators whenever the road opens up
  4. Begins shortly after you leave Heasville and links up to towns like  Marysville for skiing (winter) and hiking (spring / autumn)
  5. My Drive: 9/10

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